Monday, 4 July 2022

He Guards the Watchmen


One last add-on to the Custodes!

Earlier in the year, I was asked to put together a little Orky ditty to honour the amazing Warkopta Chinork painted by B1llybob. Bob's Orks are a thing of legend, bedecked with immaculate checks and Kustom Jobz all over the place. The kopta was one of the main centrepieces for the army, though, and he wanted it to have its own theme song. 

He got this:

Pitch perfect it isn't, but nor would Orks be I reckon. And that picture isn't his Chinork, it's a generic pic, his is much more elaborate and chequered. The song went down well, anyway, and that was the main thing. 

Unexpectedly, I got paid for this crowning glory of the songsmith's art - a Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought! Which lets me tell everyone I got the model for a song, like the embarrassing dad I am. 

Here is the model, anyway, which is a fine piece. I worry a little for the razor-thin glaive tip, that resin was almost see-through before I painted it, but it's going to a get a place of honour in the army box (i.e. balanced carefully on top of everyone else), so I'm sure it'll be fine. 

I did deface it a bit before painting. The gems on the armour detail got shaved off and replaced with miniature jewels. I only had to recentre them five or six times before the glue took, so it was well-spent effort for the finished effect. 

Speaking of tiny fiddly bits, I also painted Darkstrider up for Kas's T'au. Good grief, these drones are the smallest models I've ever painted. Not attached, there is no earthly way they'll survive the post, so right now it looks a bit like he's launched them without putting the batteries in. Nice model for all that, and doubly so because I don't have to spend an entire afternoon trying to get it stuck together properly. 

"Fly my minions, fly! ...Dammit, where's the charger?"

Drives to idle! My summer holidays beckon. And more than likely, some actual gaming after what has been some breakneck painting over the last few months. Maybe even try out the new armies...

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