Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Branching Out

Ah, the Marauder Treeman, so wonderfully chunky and so easy to paint that even a teenage Wood Elf commander could use it to bulk out his little army.

A painting update for Wood Elf Treekin from Warhammer Fantasy Battle, using Aly and Trish Morrison Marauder Treemen.
This used to be my treeman (used to be)
This used to be my childhood tree
This used to be the monster I ran forward
Whenever I was in need

Times change (I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air, etc) and now these poor saps have been demoted to Treekin,

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Call The Copse!

Fresh from their hiding at the hands of Kraken's Chaos Gribblies, here come the dryads!

A painting update for Wood Elf Dryads from Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
Hi everybody!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

King of the Hill: Vikings vs Anglo-Danes

On the same evening as our latest SkypeBoot, and as a change of pace from Age of Sigmar, we decided to play a skirmish game with a low model count, deceptively simple ruleset and faction-specific augmentations.

Pack up your horned helmets - we're off to the Viking Age to play SAGA!

Bagsie I get to play Kirk

Friday, 24 July 2015

Hedge of Darkness: Sylvaneth vs Chaos Mortals

Well, our first Age of Sigmar battle worked out pretty well. Now we're going to push the limits and see if it was a fluke.

Tonight, the arboreal guardians go hunting monsters in the deepwood - Forest Spirits against Chaos Monsters!

Age of Sigmar battle report between Sylvaneth Aelfs and Chaos Monsters
Picnic time for teddy bears...

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Special Branch

There's nothing like an upcoming battle to spur me into painting. Tomorrow, my Wood Elves (*ahem* Sylvaneth) troops will be taking on Age of Sigmar, so I duly abandoned my Night Goblins and picked up my previously-abandoned Dryads.

Upcoming: The Battle of Big Big Horn

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mierce Me

In the Grim Darkness of the Seventh Century A.D.

There is only Moody Posing

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Age of Sigurd

A quick retreat to the Age of SAGA this week, in advance of a match next week. Time for a change of pace from 40k for a little, a felt, and indeed GW products. Also because who doesn't like Vikings?

Err, medieval monks? Anglosaxons? Probably quite a long list, actually.

Monday, 13 July 2015


More for the Crypt Angels this week!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Battle Report: Age of AoSBoot

Say, I hear there's this Age of Sigmar game that's caused a bit of a stir.

With deep breaths and a certain amount of trepidation, Kraken and I took to Skype - battle report and first impressions will follow...

Age of Sigmar
It's an Oldsmobile reference. Don Draper would love it.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

War of the Triple Crown: Chaos Civil War

"Faster, you imbecile! The skulls won't load themselves!" Cogar snarled.

The tiny cabin of the Iron Daemon was cramped, sweaty and dangerous. It wasn't just the heat from the open mouth of the furnace. You had to watch that an adhesive, coal-black tongue wouldn't impatiently lash out and drag you in. Their skullshovels were heavily bladed for good reason. 

Nels, the engineer, snarled back as he flung another bony load into the fire. "I'm going as fast as I can, dunderhead! If you'd build in that automatic loader, we wouldn't be having this problem!"

"If Spinebreaker wanted to have an automatic loader, he'd have told you to build one!"

"Oh, now we're worrying over what Spinebreaker wants, are we?"

"Just shut up and shovel!"

The Iron Daemon was screaming down the tracks that led away from Javaric Spinebreaker's forge fortress, Durumant.

Away, because they were trying to get as far as they could before the Sorceror-Prophet realised his purchase was missing. And screaming because the mad sorceror had bound a daemon into the machine. Cogar couldn't really complain about that part, it was a well-established practice. Not his personal choice, he preferred to be fully in command of a thirty-ton death machine before getting in the driver's seat. He hated it when they started steering back.

But Javaric had decided not to pay for the commissioned war engine, and begun his modifications on it whilst simultaneously dropping Cogar and Nels naked into the slave pens. If his hope had been that the miserable hobgoblins would tear the hapless Dawi Zharr to pieces, he'd been mistaken. Obedience was bred and beaten into the crooked greenskins. It hadn't been straightforward exactly, but they'd organised an effective, if improptu, slavebreak. It had proved to much for Spinebreaker to deal with during the Iron Daemon's binding ritual.

Now they were free. Temporarily, at least. The clanking carriages of the train were heavily loaded with the deadly artillery Cogar and his fellow Daemonsmith had wrought for Spinebreaker. They were also weighed down with more than a hundred hobgoblins. Across the spiked roofs of the train, the greenskins hung like mutant gooseberries. They weren't making good time.

And there were several hundred leagues of scarred badlands ahead that they needed to cross before any safety would be forthcoming. Cogar stared out through the forward porthole, looking at the blackened landscape and the tracks that stretched off into the distance, winding through savage-looking rocky tors. It was going to be touch and go. But he would get there. He would see her again.

Wait, was that...?

"Hashut dammit!" Cogar screamed. 

"What?" Nels screamed back, trying to make himself heard over the warbling howl of the engine. 

"Look!" Cogar bellowed, grabbing Nels by the beard and dragging him to the porthole. 

"By his Black and Braided Beard!" shouted the engineer, horrified. "We're screwed!"

A massive spiked signal house jutted from an outscrop just ahead. As the Iron Daemon clanked round a slow bend towards it, they could clearly see the runed warning symbols sliding up around the rails. 

There was a bridge ahead, crossing a sludge-filled trench. Beyond the warning signs, the bridge was being raised. And a pack of armed dwarven guards were trooping out of a cavern mouth nearby, the reddish badlands light glinting on their fireglaives. 

"I forgot!" Cogar groaned. "I forgot about his border guards!"

"You bloody idiot!" Nels yelled, slapping him with the flat of his skullshovel. "What are we going to do now?"

Drive through the Red Light!
It's All-Skype Fight Night!

Welcome back, WoffFans, the civil wars continue in the War of the Triple Crown.

They do indeed! I, Kraken, am here in italics to command a renegade host of Chaos Dwarves. Against a chaotic host of renegade Dwarves, just so you can tell us apart. 

This is my first fight in the Triple Crown. To the surprise of no-one, I'm taking the Chaos Superlist. The rough plan is to start with all the mighty cannons I can buy and then desperately try and replace all the useless goblins that come with them with decent troops at a later date. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Unit Filler: "Oops!"

There are some who regard unit fillers as a way to bulk out units and avoid painting models. I think I've gone the other way: I removed 5 already-painted night goblins from this regiment just so I could fit in my little diorama.

Warhammer Night Goblin Unit Filler
"Hey, I found your arrow!"

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Hard Tac

Well, I couldn't afford Age of Sigmar, so I just painted some Space Marines. Who can tell, amiright?