Friday, 3 April 2020


Yeah, a pun like that in the title augurs ill for the rest of the article. But you can dig it, so let's not make a mountain out of a mole drill. Instead, let's kitbash one!

The Ninth Gate: Morale

What Do You Call People Who See The Future? (Discover The Truth!)

Nearly done with my pre-emptive look at 9th Ed. Remember, it's all completely correct until the future proves otherwise.

Today, the phase that time forgot - Morale!

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Cryptics have a Cross Word with Guardians: Death Guard vs Chaos Space Marines

The Second Law vs the Crypt Angels

Once again I arranged a 2,000 point non-Skype battle but have been denied by Force Majeure. Last time it was Storm Ciara; now it's Covid-19. Neither Kasfunatu nor I have symptoms, but we both agreed it's sensible to fight remotely given that we can.

Nurgle's diseases keep people away
Not to be beaten, it's all-Skype fight day!

Friday, 27 March 2020

Yeaah Ratfans!

Obviously, social distancing is what most of us hobby types practice anyway. But it has still increased my productivity this month.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

The Ninth Gate: Charge and Melee

Image result for psychic combat

Back with more misguided predictions! It's almost as though I'm stuck indoors with not enough to do. Today, let's look at the close combat phase and the phase that gets you there. Onwards!

Friday, 20 March 2020

How To Play Warhammer Over Skype

I've had a few requests about how we play our games of Warhammer over Skype.

How to play games of Warhammer 40k over Skype.
+++ My noosphere is buffering! +++
Since keeping indoors is the current fashion, I hope this is useful to stay-at-home gamers.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Blood On The Snow: Space Wolves vs The Purge

The Vlka Fenrika are back! 

Warhammer 40k battle report - Eternal War -  Crusade - 1000 points - Space Wolves vs The Purge

And this time, they've got a proper Wolf Lord to lead them.

Monday, 16 March 2020

The Prisoner of Azkriman: Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves & Adeptus Mechanicus

Our Hunt for Ahriman narrative campaign continues. And like Rocky and Star Trek before us, we're pulling out all the stops for part IV

Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves & Adeptus Mechanicus - 1500pts - Sabotage - Narrative mission from Warhammer 40,000

Conscious thought returned. 

Ahriman opened his eyes. Hard light blared into them. It was cold and harsh, painful. An irregular crackling noise, half whine, half static, assaulted his ears. 

He was suspended in a sphere, inlaid with a knotwork of cables, pipes and dials. Skulls stared emptily down on him from each intersection of the elaborate maze. He squinted against the hail of light and sound, trying to make sense of it. Where was he?