Tuesday, 26 May 2015

First Impressions

Instant mould - the power of creation is finally in my hands!

I've been hankering after getting some instant mould for a while now. And one too many sessions fishing Play-Doh out of Junior Stylus' mouth finally convinced me to get the grown-up stuff.

It took me ages to shape the right-angles, but I should have a working Jenga set by Christmas 2017

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Happy Little Skeleton Who Could

Here are two true facts about Nagash.

  • Nagash is horribly expensive, but (let's be honest) is, both as a model and ruleswise, shit hot 
  • Nagash has, both as a model and ruleswise, a shit hat

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Miner Adjustments

My ordered scheme of tackling armies one at a time has clearly gone for a Burton ... this week, I'm repainting Dwarves!

Warhammer Dwarf Miner
It's off to work we go.

Monday, 18 May 2015

War of the Triple Crown: Undead Civil War

"They've failed!" The grey-skinned, cracked face continued to peer into a smoky ball of magical aether, the hint of a smile appeared on his lips revealing one cracked fang. Sensing the question, the whispered voice continued:

"Before you ask Achari, the exact details are unknown. For whatever reasons their plans to raise Nagash have not succeeded, he is not here. We are safe, for now."

Achari stopped pacing and eyed the gnarled elder still fondling his globe. "You mean..."

"Do not worry Achari, your line's betrayal may go unpunished for another age; at least from him. There were others ready to serve Him of course, woken from their slumber after millenia. Even now I can see them moving stone and heading towards the surface from their great pyramid tombs."

"So when you say we are safe..." 

Achari's voice tailed off as the red eyes of the elder left the orb and bored into him: "It is not Him!" 

Achari raised his hands in a brief gesture of appeasement. "Of course, Xorian. But what's one ancient evil that slumbers compared to another? It's still a power from before time that has awoken. Even without His banner to follow, that's still a new risk to us, to me!"

Xorian's smile broadened: "A challenge then, prior to the inevitable day when they do succeed. The others look to you and have seen your talents in battle, but merely against the peasants that have held pitchforks against you when defending their farms. Take some of your brethren, head south and face this undead king from years before. Rosalyn's hideous visage will be of no assistance as their force would be as immune as yours, but Zardor's banners may still serve you well."

Achari tried to hide any angst he had. In another it would be fear, but the vampire general could not show that he had any such emotion; and simply stated "Am I ready?"

Xorian turned back to the magical smoke "I do not know my boy, I do not know. You will be tested, and I can't protect you for all eternity. Immortal we may be, but that does not mean I will always be here for you."

Achari's voice broke. "Will you be there with me now?" he asked.

He cursed the fact that he going to be stuck in this pubescent, impetuous form forever. He had learnt to be more violent, more ruthless, more arrogant than the others; so that they would listen to a vampire boy; but wished he had had a few more years on him before he was turned. Eternally thirteen, Achari did not have an imposing form, his body was weak and muscles not fully formed, his blonde locks slicked back from his forehead. He was not the expected figure of a respected army general, but Achari had the backing of Xorian, and combined with his martial prowess, he seemed to be leading the clan. In moments of weakness, Achari questioned if this was really the true state and if he really led.

"I can't, not yet," Xorian said. "It is not time for me to play my part - you need to take this win yourself, without my aid. Take whomever and whatever you want from the town and castle, don't worry about weakening the defences. We are protected. Prepare for your journey. I will send message when I scry the exact location, but for now, march south."

Achari looked back more than once, but Xorian did not look up from his scrying globe. Achari could not help but wonder if this was their last encounter. 

On leaving the clock tower, Achari first went to the crypts and purchased the service of some the abominations from the geistmaster. On this journey there would be towns and graveyards to raise a skeletal army, and the freshly risen bones would no doubt attract the wolves, but he had been given free choice and if going into battle with the unknown there was only one that had been on Achari's mind: Julik. 

Julik was in charge of the town's defences, adept at raising/attracting the required forces at the right time. Be it through raven, magical portal, gold or sheer necromantic power, this archmage of undeath was second to none when it came to replenish the ranks. 

Finally, not one to ignore advice given, Achari sought out Zardor. 

Zardor was slow, both in mind and form. In a previous life he had been a chef that enjoyed the taste of his own cooking a little too much. Whilst not adept in battle, his girth and padding had helped him survive his fair share of stakings. Slow for a vampire, he was more than capable of keeping up with reanimated bones and so Zardor found himself often waddling into battle, holding the army's mast up high, surrounded by a throng of newly created troops. 

Zardor did not question Achari's request He silently rolled up a number of banners and packed them, along with his needle and thread for mobile repairs, then made himself ready for the march.  

Having collected his brethren, and after one final look to the glowing light at the window in clocktower, the three vampires started their journey. 

[The cameras pan back to see the three vampires walk towards the sunrise; a flaming banner unfurls and illuminates the sky briefly as vargeists flap past the camera and fly overhead; an ethereal horse appears and Julik climbs on; whilst Achari jumps on the back of a winged steed that flaps to a landing; a horn bellows and encased in armour, four more mounted vampiric knights charge down the hill and join the caravan; as countless skeletal arms rise from the footsteps of Achari and a cacophony of wolf howls fill the air: the troops arrive - the army is formed].

It's All-Skype Fight Night!

Welcome back, WoffFans, to the first of the new season of Skype Fights! I, Kraken, will be typing in dessicated italics...

And it's me, Kas, in normal font. We are playing an all-new homebrew variant of army composition and magic rules (check out the following rules page).

Yes, we're aiming at a new season of Narrative Campaign. Each of us is taking a fraction of a basic 8th ed. army, then fighting a series of battles as our chosen generals struggle to muster troops. Once we're all at the heights of our powers, we'll have a three-way final tournament series. Expect wall-to-wall fluff and the gnashing of furious beards throughout!

All of us will fight a first 'Civil War' round, pitching brother against brother from our starting Superlists. This first clash begins the tale of Kas's Undead armies, with dead rising against dead as a faction of the Vampire Counts take on a splinter group of Tomb Kings!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Get in the Back of the Van

See, if you ask the internet to provide you with pictures of how people paint the inside of their Land Raiders, it's only ever going to make you miserable.

You're only supposed to glue some of the bloody doors on. As opposed to blowing them all off, of course. 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Zero Horse Power

What's this? A month where General Stylus has already posted a host of completed paintwork and I've done nothing? This can and will not stand! Quickly, Gustave*, bring out the Dark Elves!

Painted Scourgerunner

I can once again claim to have finished this army. As before, this is a lie - there are still some odds and ends lurking in the dim recesses of my hobby cupboard, ready to haunt me at a moment's notice. But mere haunts they shall remain for now, I have other fish to fry.

Until then, a brace of chariots.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Anglo-Dane Huscarls: The 'Tache Stash

Final batch of SAGA miniatures for the moment - these are also Hearthguard, but armed with the universal hand weapon and shield, rather than the unique Dane Axes.

Anglo-Dane Huscarl from SAGA
Another brick in the shield wall.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Anglo-Dane Huscarls: Axe Me Nicely

Next up for the Anglo-Danes are the warlord's loyal hearthguard. They come with a choice of weapons, so I'll begin with the Dane Axes (which gains in killing power, but loses in defence - I've yet to be convinced of their virtue).

Anglo-Dane Huscarl with Dane Axe
The Axeman Cometh

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Anglo-Dane Warlord: Special Offa

I realise that Offa was an Anglo-Saxon king, but the only Anglo-Dane I know is Cnut - and where's the pun in that name?

Anglo-Dane warlord from SAGA
Of course, Offa had a Dyke.
The whole Dark Ages is a linguistic minefield

Friday, 1 May 2015

Fanatics: New Balls

Liberated from a WoffBoot deadline, I'm back to flitting around my leadpile. At the moment, Night Goblins are getting my attention.

This instance started off as just a repair job on a snapped fanatic, but a few touch-ups became a full repaint job so quickly, I forgot to take my usual 'before' picture. But they looked something like this:

Night Goblin fanatics from Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
The bases are kept steady with 2p pieces glued to the bottom.
Proof that my collection is worth at least 6p.

The goblins above belong to a different regiment, but aside from the hoods, they are exactly the same colour scheme: a deep green that seems too verdant for my pasty-faced Night Goblins.

Night Goblin fanatic from Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
Spiky balls.