Friday, 1 July 2022

Alien Insurrection

 The Genestealer Cult needed a few more characters, I reckoned, and here they are.

Great sculpts, they really sell the personalities of these leaders and support crew. Whoever was in charge of this army really nailed their work. 

First up is the Nexos and his command map. He looks miserable, he must know most of his mates are goong to cark it during whatever offensive he’s just set in motion. 

Next, the Kelermorph. Not sure where that name comes from, but he’s a great assassin and gunslinger all in one. There was a strong temptation to model him a ten gallon hat, but I couldn’t work out how I’d get it to fit round the light on his shoulder. Probably for the best.

Finally, a Jackal Alpha. She’s another tremendous model, a mobile sniper mid-shot, and yet another excellent character killer and support unit all in one. If the Cult wants your leader’s head on a tray, I honestly think they’re going to get it, they just have so many options to pick them off. 

Bonus extra round - I fixed that Gravis Captain, he’s got his extra details now!


  1. Wow! Those GSC models are really very cool indeed, and great work on bringing them to life! I am amused by the idea of the Nexos carting an enormous table around the battlefield...

    1. Especially with the weight of that eighties cell phone to contend with. Lots of suspensors, I reckon.

  2. Three of my favourite GSC characters - good job!