Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Adeste Astartes

+++Begin Transmission+++
Encryption Level - Inquisitorial
Authorised: Inq. Kris Cringdark
Hereticus Santanicus
Classified and Secure under Project Jingle
Watchword: In the Mince Pieness of the Festive Season, There is Only Mulling Spice

O come all ye Space Wolves
Crimson Fists and Fire Hawks
Come ye, o come ye
To Ultramar
Bring lots of boltguns
And your power armour

We'll blow up lots of xenos
We'll blow up lots of xenos
We'll blow up lots of xenos
Because we can

Blood or Dark Angels
Iron Hands, Lamentors
Maybe the Grey Knights
Or a Deathwatch Team
Even obscure ones
Like the Viper Legion

Not the Sons of Horus
Or other filthy traitors
Don't talk about those bastards
Just blow them up

Retake morale checks
Reroll all our misses
See how we shrug off hits
With armour saves
Eye of Terror?
More like Eye of Schmerror.

But we're not overpowered
No we're not overpowered
We're so not overpowered
You're just a noob

+++Transmission ends+++

Bretonnia vs Nurgle: The Noble Rot

The second battle I fought with my borrowed Deamons of Nurgle army was against General East's newly-acquired Bretonnians. Having been comprehensively thumped in the first game against General Kasfunatu, I would surely have racked up enough experience to defeat my old nemesis...

Shut up, Magic 8-Ball
(usual disclaimer: this report is my best recollection, although I seem to have misplaced a couple of turns. This game did go the full six, but there was some hesitant manoeuvring that time has since erased)

Daemons of Chaos (Nurgle)

  • Daemon Prince of Nurgle (General, Level 3)
  • Herald of Nurgle (BSB, Lv 1)
  • Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle
  • 27 Plaguebearers
  • Beast of Nurgle
  • Beast of Nurgle
  • Beast of Nurgle
  • 3 Plague Drones


  • Paladin (General, some kind of Killing Blow skill)
  • Paladin (BSB, some kind of Multiple Wound skill)
  • Damsel, (Lv4 Lore of Heavens)
  • Damsel, (Lv2 Lore of Beasts)
  • 7 Knights of the Realm (containing 1 Paladin, 1 Damsel and full command)
  • 7 Knights of the Realm (containing 1 Paladin, 1 Damsel and full command)
  • 6 Knights Errant
  • 20 Peasant Bowmen
  • 1 Trebuchet

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Another late battle report, this. So some things that should not have been forgotten won't be lost, etc etc.

While General Kas was over in the summer, we cracked open The Hobbit for an evening's entertainment. Not the film! That would have made entertainment impossible.

Masters of the tabletop as we are, we were able to fit in one round of each of the introductory scenarios that come with the rules. These gradually introduce variant weapon rules, special actions, morale, magic and so on. They aren't bad, although some of them seem to have a distinct bias in how they play out.

Kasfunatu took the roles of Thorin and Company throughout; I stayed on my usual side of the Good/Evil divide and took Goblins.

No photos or maps for this, I'm afraid, you'll have to use the power of your imaginations. I was recently reminded how much we do that in our hobby anyway. During a game of George R R Martin's A Game Of Thrones The Board Game (2nd Edition) - the title is at least a quarter of the boxed weight - we were having a fierce political debate on who would be the next holder of the Iron Throne.

"It's just a piece of cardboard," observed one player, a novice to the whole board games thing. He went on to lose, obviously.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Nurgle vs Nurgle: Bored of the Flies

It's that time of year when we all delight in seeing a jolly fat man who brings gifts for all.

Greater Daemon of Nurgle as Santa Claus
If you think that's disgusting, wait until Slaanesh comes down the chimney,

Paying a visit on Casa Kasfunatu, I partook in a couple of OffBoot games with Generals Kasfunatu and East (and my God, was it really January when I last did that?). Wanting to branch out from my traditional army selection, I was fortunate enough to be loaned a Daemon army to field.

I took the Nurgle faction, as they're my Chaos god of choice (and not because I hear they make the hardest list).

Daemons of Chaos (Nurgle)

  • Daemon Prince of Nurgle (General, Level 3)
  • Herald of Nurgle (BSB, Lv 1)
  • Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle
  • 27 Plaguebearers
  • Beast of Nurgle
  • Beast of Nurgle
  • Beast of Nurgle
  • 3 Plague Drones

Facing them was General Kasfunatu with his newly-acquired Warriors of Chaos army, the core of which were Warriors of Nurgle - so it was to be a dust-up at the Weightwatchers club.

Warriors of Chaos

  • Chaos Warrior Lord (General)
  • Herald of Slaanesh (BSB, Hellstrider)
  • Festus the Leechlord
  • 16 Warriors of Chaos (Nurgle)
  • 5 Hellstriders
  • 5 Chaos Hounds
  • 5 Chaos Hounds
  • Chimera