Thursday, 1 December 2016

They're in the AdVents!

Oh yes, we're doing this schtick again!

The rules are simple:

1. One new post each day, preferably featuring freshly painted models
2. Awful awful puns

We did chests last year, so this time it's the more authentically adventical Doors!

Image result for dungeon doors

So while I'm putting General Leofa's genestealer cult to the brush, I am borrowing the paint scheme for some atavistic throwbacks of my own.

Check out these bad guys - original nineties hybrids!

We did the whole 'bowling with helmets' thing back then, too. Hey, if I hit enough marines in this underground environment, do I get a Miner's Strike?

The heavy weapons are still pretty sweet, for all that the models carrying them are lumpy and weak by modern standards. Seriously, look at them, it's like Skeletor got bone cancer. Still, check out this here missile launcher...

...while this is an autocannon, minus its ammo hopper. Alas, I have lost my examples of the conversion beamer, it was a nice mould too.

This, however, is a bolt pistol. Sheesh. 

And this is a space ork hybrid! Yeah, I used that list in WD to field my genestealers in an ork army, just like you were meant to. Cheat? No. Neck Beard? I wished.

Come back tomorrow! We're not done until the fat man delivers.


  1. Call me an Grognard, but I like the old-style hybrids and weapons. And they were totally legal in Ork armies - they had a freebooter gang and everything.

    1. You are a Grognard. You are welcome.