Saturday, 3 December 2016

A Familyier Christmas

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And a late happy birthday to me, courtesy of General Stylus. Who also sent me a custom birthday card featuring the original Rogue Trader cover, photoshopped to read 'Birthday 40K'. Never more apt.

Lurking at the bottom of the envelope was that most precious of other envelopes, a tiny plastic one containing my drug of choice. Nice little fellows who have escaped from the Silver Tower, handy for any spellcasty game that needs familiars.

Rudolph the Beak-Faced Freak Lizard

Generally happy with these (they're small and tricky to paint), but I might redo the lizard's frilly plumes in a brighter colour, maybe retrim his sleeves.

The True Story of Christmas

And what was in my Christmas tea
On Christmas day, on Christmas day
And what was in my Christmas tea?
Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

I'd be angry too if my head looked like that. 

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