Sunday, 4 December 2016

Satan's Little Helpers

On the fourth day of Advent, the WoffBoot brought to me ... Four Familiar Faces!

And I know Kraken managed to gazump me with my own damn miniatures. Let's brush past this indictment of my painting speed and consider this a Christmas repeat...

I was making fine progress with this collection ... until I got distracted (possibly by goblin chariots) and the whole process ground to a halt. However, it shouldn't be too hard to fire up my enthusiasm in the new year, since I've left most of the best ones until last.

But until then: let's clear away the smallest (and quickest) ones:

Familiar from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - Slop
Just keep swimming (or walking).

This is Slop. At first you may think - 'oh, just a fish' - but it was pointed out by a sharp-eyed hobbyist that his silhouette is the same as the symbol for Tzeentch (start from the circular shoulder-joint and work from there). And that makes him an evil fish.

I got to use my favourite Hawk Turquoise on this one, with some green highlights and a speckling of Stormhost Silver for scales.

Familiar from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - Tweak
In the cartoon series of Silver Tower Familiars (and I do wish there will be one), Tweak is clearly the boss.

The is Tweak - the itty-bitty Lord of Change. Genestealer Purple body with Ulthuan Grey robes with a Seraphim Sepia wash and Caledor Sky trim. The Pink Horror feathers were partially washed with Drakenhof Nightshade to try and blend them in.

Familiar from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - Pug

Pug is the bad seed of the group - a compulsive thief and mean-looking tough. But look at him: clearly a repressed thespian with his motley robes, Punchinello mask and 'alas poor Yorick' routine with the Stormcast helmet.

I'm very happy with the moon face: Ulthuan Grey again, with a Cassandora Yellow wash. To contrast this, and because I assume he'd need some subtlety as a kleptomaniac,

Familiar from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - Blot

Finally, Blot - both a bookworm and a chatterbox (which I guess makes it the Hermione of the group). Easy enough to basecoat: Ushabdi Bone and Seraphim Sepia - but the prospect of freehand always sets me a-tremble, In the end, I dashed off a few lines and symbols in Castellan Green, then filled the holes with Nurgle's Rot for added ooziness.

Familiar from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - Blot

The back was simple enough: gold trimmed with Khorne Red, and Screamer Pink body washed with Carroburg Crimson (the tail drybrushed with Calgar Blue, which gives it a nice fade to purple).

I could have given more work to the gold detailing, but this is a very, very small model and we're on a deadline here.

Familiars from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - Pug, Blot, Tweak and Slop.

So now we have four little critters searching for a master (don't hold your breath, tiddlers, The Gaunt Summoner has yet to be summoned to the painting table).


  1. Blot in particular is lovely - excellent freehand!

    1. Cheers. Blank pages and banners always fill me with dread - give me something I can drybrush!

  2. Pug could be a Moonclan Grot blessed with a mutation to look like the Bad Moon, a god created when Gorkamorka took a chomp out of a moon, and his teeth fell to the ground, making mountains where the Moonclan Grots live.

    1. Yes, that 'Bad Moon' mask is pretty iconic. It's been used by Fantasy Grots, Chaos, 40K Orks...