Thursday, 22 December 2016

Payment Clause Is Coming To Town

On the twenty-second day of Advent the WoffBoot brought to me ... a fat man with a white beard.

And he's ho-ho-homicidal!

My tour of games systems and army lists continues with this lump 'o lead for my Dogs of War boys (you may have thought they were completed. Armies are never completed, only abandoned).

Filling out Empire units with Ogres is a common tactic (see the Hoodling's blog for how it's done properly), but this guy was so clearly a paymaster that I couldn't resist adding him to the ranks.

The plan is just to plonk him the middle of my spearmen as extra filler, although it would be fun (and certainly in keeping with Dogs of War) to field him as a Ogre character, using their 8th Ed rules. Hopefully not unbalanced, but that's what house rules are all about.

Ogre Paymaster for Dogs of War, Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
And yet when you Google 'model with big chest' this never appears.

Aside from the paychest bling, one of my favourite details is the 'football manager' camel coat:

  • Skin: Kislev Flesh base, Nuln Oil wash, Kislev Flesh drybrush
  • Hair: Dawnstone base, Nuln Oil wash, Ulthuan Grey highlights, White Scar drybrush
  • Metal: Ironbreaker base, Nuln Oil wash
  • Gutplate: Retributor Armour base, Reikland Flesh wash, Gehenna's Gold drybrush, Nihilakh Oxide
  • Gloves: Heavy Charcoal base, Mechanius Standard Grey drybrush
  • Coat: XV-88 base, Seraphim Sepia wash
  • Fur lining: Ushabdi Bone base, Seraphim Sepia wash, Palid Wych Flesh drybrush
  • Trousers: The Fang base, Nuln Oil wash
  • Gnobblar: Kabalite Green base, Agrax Earthshade wash, Death World Forest Green

Ogre Paymaster for Dogs of War, Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
From the House of John Motson

The golden eye (bah-bah-ba-bam BAA-NAW!) came about as improvisation. The face scar implied a false eye, but there is a dent in the eye socket that just *would not* take paint, and thus created its own iris, which made a mockery of a white eye.

Anyway, it's characterful for a wealthy ogre - and look how cute the Gnobblar with the abacus is!

Ogre Paymaster for Dogs of War, Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
In the movie, he'd be played by Ron Perlman

The final update is Christmas Eve - and assuming I get it painted in time, it will be a doozy!

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