Thursday, 15 December 2016

Five Gold Things

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Okay, five might be a slight exaggeration.

Frostgrave needs treasure tokens. The more the merrier, on the whole, not that I ever seem to get any on the rare occasions I play it. Not content with a wide selection of chests, weapons, bones and lute loot, I thought a nice pair of statues might come in handy.

Gold Troll pays his own Toll
Two old rubbery models from my diminishing collection of old DnD plastics. Lousy sculpts, although you can paint them up reasonably well. I'm not going to be doing more of either troll or goblin now I've done these statues, but this has ticked a box somewhere in my completionist mind.

Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold
Everyone wishes for Silver and Gold
(And goblins)
(No that's just some of us)

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