Friday, 9 December 2016

The Thief, the Crook, the Knife and its Lover

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Bonus points if you've made it this far without hearing Fairytale of New York in the shops more than fifty times.

I haven't. I hadn't even in November. Bastards.

And I would steal 2000 quid
And I would steal 2000 more
Just to be the man who's got 4000 quid
You hid behind a door

On we go with the warband. This first one's a thief, with his dagger and pouch.

Merry Christmas! I wanna fight tonight.

Another Soldier, with a particularly fine helmet.

Want some of my Christmas Ham Shank?

And an Assassin, one of the newer henchmen. Gets extra bonuses in hand to hand when his target is outnumbered, but never counts for other guys when working out such bonuses. Selfish bugger. Nothing in his stocking this year. Not that he cares, he's probably going to use it to garotte someone anyway.

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