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Lead and Taxes - Year in Review

That time of year again. The Reckoning.

How has 2016 treated you, wargamers? As badly as it treated everyone else?

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Abbadon the Defrauder, Lord of the End Times

No, I didn't think so. Our Silver Age continues, what with GW still turning over their profitable new leaf. Blood Bowl is a good game, even if I haven't felt tempted to buy it. And there may be some kind of Dark Elf version of Necromunda in the pipeline, I hear. Not to mention Tzeetnchian AoS models, Forge World's version of Adeptus Titanicus and the long-awaited 40K reboot.

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What? Another new rulebook? Right, back to the warp, everyone, life is more predictable there.

And that's before we even leave the safety of GW! Woffbooting was originally very much a Warhammer medium, but this year we've barely played any. Zombicide, X-Wing and Dungeon Saga was the bulk of our skype gaming. Poorly reported, perhaps, but lovely all the same. Plus a bit of Heroquest for the diehards.

I dunno, I miss a good tabletop battle. But it's been good to take a break, play some lighter games with less preparation required and faster results to hand. Perhaps we'll get back to our more traditional battling in the coming year, we'll see. I hope so.

Angron Primarch of the World Eaters
Don't look back in Angron

But given that there's Massive Darkness and Deep Madness on the horizon, plus the ever-present time sink of Total War: Warhammer and its continuing expansions for me (Wood Elves was a doozy), I somehow think we'll be flying causal in 2017 too. Kas and I are planning on trying out Star Wars Armada, and if we take to the rules, giving the new Bespin campaign pack a whirl. That could be more of an epic undertaking, we'll see. And quite what the 2017 Woffboot will be, only time will tell, although we've all spoken of making it a tournament again, similar to previous years.

However! There is also the pressing matter of my lead taxes.

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Fool that I am, I made a new year's resolution to finish painting my entire collection this year. Was I even close?

Ahah ha haha. Ha. No, not even. My cupboard remains resolutely full of grey plastic, white Reaper rubber and even the odd spot of elderly lead, all gloriously monochrome. Fail.

However! Progress has been made. Probably. I haven't actually counted my collection ever, but I can crunch some convincing numbers.


1 x Nurgle Plaguelord
10 x Marauder Horsemen
2 x Ruins of Osgiliath
20 x Frostgrave Barbarians
1 x Werewolf plus severed head
1 x Barbarian Wizard
1 x Barbarian Wizard's Apprentice
4 x Tzeentchian Familiars
3 x Frostgrave Treasure Tokens
4 x Renedra Ruin Packs
10 x Renedra Barrels
8 x Firewood Piles

Total Inbound - 40



5 x Raptors
5 x Warp Talons
5 x Assault Marines
5 x Veteran Marines
1 x Marine Chaplain
1 x Jump Pack Marine Hero
20 x Cultists
5 x Possessed
1 x Veteran Sergeant
1 x Terminator Librarian
5 x Terminator Veterans
1 x Terminator Captain
1 x Vengeance Landspeeder
1 x Dark Talon
1 x Chapter Master Kasfunatius
69 x General Kasfunatu's T'Pau Sept Tau
4 x Imperial Assassins
33 x Deathwatch Marines
19 x Genestealer Hybrid Cultists
2 x Genestealer Purestrains
2 x Genestealer Familiars
1 x Genestealer Magus
11 x Old School Genestealer Hybrids


4 x Renedra Ruin Packs
10 x Renedra Barrels
8 x Firewood Piles
1 x Ruins of Osgiliath
18 x Frostgrave Treasure Tokens
1 x Scratch Built Herdstone
1 x A Tree
1 x Frozen Swamp
2 x Tables
6 x dungeon doors
1 x Dwarven Tomb
2 x Treasure Chests
2 x Bookshelves
1 x Well
1 x Dwarven Throne
1 x Dead Terminator on a Big Chair

GW Fantasy

1 x Nurgle Plaguelord
10 x Marauder Horsemen
10 x Chaos Dwarves
1 x Chaos Dwarf Sorceror on Lammasu
118 x General Leofa's Beastmen Army
1 x Mounted Dreadlord
1 x Dreadlord
4 x Assorted Dark Elf Heroes
10 x Shades
1 x Dreadlord on Black Pegasus
1 x Dark Elf Assassin
1 x Black Dragon
10 x Putrid Blightkings
1 x Wulfric the Wanderer
1 x Festus the Leechlord
1 x Gutrot Spume


36 x Assorted Abyssal Minions for Dungeon Saga
1 x Demonic Overlord
1 x Paladin Hero
1 x Halfling Thief Hero
1 x Salamander Hero
1 x Barbarian Hero
2 x Naiad Demonhunter Hero
2 x Human Cleric Hero
1 x Treeman Druid Hero
1 x Wizard Hero
2 x High Elf Hero
8 x Random Reaper Heroes
1 x Serpent Demon Lady
1 x Undead Demonlord
1 x Blue Dragon
1 x Obsidian Golem
4 x Goblins
1 x Orc
1 x Troll
1 x Zombie Troll
1 x Kuo-Toa Baron
1 x Mierce Troll
1 x Dark Elf Assassin
1 x Preyton
1 x Dwarven Blackguard
1 x Nun Gunner
10 x Frostgrave Barbarians
1 x Werewolf plus severed head
1 x Barbarian Wizard
1 x Barbarian Wizard's Apprentice
4 x Tzeentchian Familiars
7 x Gnolls
2 x Gold Trolls

Total Overall: 537
Of which Owned: 188

Total Progress Made (Painted total owned minus new stuff): 148

Take that, leadpile! One in the tiny lopsided eye for you. 

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No chance of keeping up with that kind of progress next year, sadly. Two Kickstarters incoming, possibly a third if that Dark Age Fort ever shows up. Those first two are an easy three hundred models between them, roughly twice what I painted this year alone. And this was a very frugal year for purchases, too. 

Still, my hopes are to get Dungeon Saga finshed. I've got an Eldar Army and some more Marines for Leofa still to do, an assortment of very large pieces for Kasfunatu along with his copy of Seven Sins: The Others. I reckon I can get that lot done fairly handily, so we'll see how much of my own I can complete. Massive Darkness? That's the aim. Tune in this time next year to see me weeping under a pile of plastic. 

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Like this, but with tiny goblins.

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