Monday, 5 December 2016

W-assailing the Castle

Image result for dungeon doors

Door number five...

And behind this lies the ancient city of Frostgrave.

Dammit, I was looking for the Kitchenware department.

I shall be posting a warband in pieces over my next few entries. Usually I only do that when their owner doesn't pay the ransom, but hey! It's Christmas. It's taken me three box set releases (Soldiers, Cultists and Gnolls) to cave in, but I finally went for a box of official Frostgrave minis. Barbarians, all the better to barber you with.

These two have been built as Thugs, the cheapest cannon fodder in the game. You can put them together as almost anything you need for your warband, though, which is nice. Not Ice Toads, sadly.

Lovely plastic set, reasonable choice with options although nothing incredible. Five torso sculpts, ten heads, decent choice of arms with various game appropriate weapons but some limitations on poses (especially with two-handed things like crossbows, for example). But twenty models for twenty quid? Can't say fairer than that.

More to come!


  1. A promising start (I'm liking the facial tattoos). The Frostgrave metals haven't really inspired me, but I'm loving the look of the plastic sets - the only surprise is that it took so long for one of us to take the plunge.

  2. I'd recommend them. I have saved ten for blending with either the cultist or the soldier set in due course. And they work well for saga too, this lot - good, generic low fantasy pieces.

    1. Although I am currently sat in a coffee house in Gothenburg near someone with the exact same beard and hair as thug two right now. The set could also be used to build hipsters, is what I'm saying.