Sunday, 27 November 2016

Safe Sects

Yeah, more of these guys.

Pardon my weariness - I really like the models and I'm enjoying painting them. I just got to the end of this batch and discovered one of them had hidden, post-wash-stage, at the bottom of my rather cluttered painting box. I do one colour at a time across the whole lot, like a conveyor belt, and I couldn't face getting all the paints out again just for him. Plus the lady who lives upstairs shouted at me when I went out on the balcony to spray varnish on them at 2230. Really? Was the gentle hiss of the can that loud? Ah well.

Same paint job as last time, but this lot are first and second generation hybrids, rather less human looking than the third and fourth gens I did before. Better armed, you might say, although people might stop reading so you won't.

I'm just under half-way through this pack of cultists - roughly the same again still to go, plus some rather nice characters and mutants. Hopefully done in a month or so, then on to the Eldar!

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