Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ten Thunderers Thundering

On the tenth day of Advent, the WoffBoot brought to me ... Ten Gunners Gunning!

Shoot friend, and enter.

The last time we saw these gun-toting dwarves, they were being alternately crushed by squigs, fanatics or chariots. After that, I felt I owed them a new banner and a repaint.

They've been through a few rebasings, but this crew have held up well since being painted in 1994...


The plastic banner is a new addition, I should add (my freehand now veering into those cloud symbols that 1980s weathermen used to stick to their maps). Although this one's original banner pole was swapped out long ago, as being too tiny for any practical use (even for a Dwarf). It was probably removed with a pair of old nail clipppers - my tool of choice back then.


Disregard the paint job - this is hands down the best set of Thunderers they've ever made.


I mean: look at this sniper dwarf - his scope is bigger than his arm!


The competition with plastic Thunderers isn't great, of course. Those dumpy monopose dwarves from the Battle for Skull Pass are among the the worst Dwarves I've ever seen.


The more recent metal Thunderers are better (especially the champion with dual pistols). I'd pick up a set for the right price (and now GW have woken up to cast-on-demand - as I said they should - anything is possible), but the original ones are still the best.

(Trigger) Happy

Unlike the other metal ones, which look like a unit, these are all individual, with their own style and unique weapons. It fits better with the idea of the Dwarves as an army of civilians gone to war.


Much as I was tempted to strip the paint and start again (more for the fun of painting them), I think the two-decade old paint job holds up well. Teenage me had a more limited palatte and fewer fine-detail brushes, but I think I got around that by just putting in the hours (in those heady days when time was in abundance, and the limiting factor was models ... sigh)


The first paint job was more eclectic (refer to the 'Eavy Metal page on the 4th Ed Army Book - I didn't strain my imagination). A decade later, I repainted all the cloth for a red-and-white theme, then quickly changed my mind and went with the Ultramarine Blue as the dominant colour (of the whole army, if I ever get around to it).


I've got another ten of these to go; some almost done, some stripped metal. Unlike the more combat-versatile Quarrellers, I think Thunderers would work better (when they work at all) in small numbers, so I'll aim for two units.


And we save my favourite model until last. Best. Thunderers. Ever.

Onwards to some newly-painted models!
(from 2001...)

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  1. Lovely hats. Very martial.

    Thunderers are one of the most deadly dwarf units in Total Warhammer. Units of a hundred long range armour piercing dwarves behind massive armoured axe lines, just as it should be. Lethal.