Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Spirit of Christmas

Festive Season! Let's have a Woffvent Calendar. I shall post something every day - after all, if GW can do it, I can. Now excuse me while I step out for a moment to grow fat on a diet of the tears of addicted nerds.

What's in box number one?

Why, it's the very Spirit of Christmas herself, wailing banshee lady Elshara from Dungeon Saga!

Painted Wraith

Floaty spirits make me want to do lighting effects, or at least try in some way to make them look transparent and ethereal. Until Citadel release Spirit Host Translucence as a shade, I'm left with doing the same semi-glowy paint jobs as everyone else.

After I did her entirely in spooky blue (Abaddon Black, drybrushed with Marine Dark Blue, Teclis Blue, Etherium Blue and White Scar), I felt she looked a bit drab. So I did Pallid Wych Flesh skin highlighted with White Scar, and a bit of silver and green on her jewelry.

Brightens her up no end, in terms of physical appearance if not overall philosophy on existence. And what better way is there to usher in Yule than a deathless, life-hating spirit whose very voice can extinguish life?

Model hereby renamed Carol Singer


  1. Excellent idea! And there was me thinking that we'd never be able to exceed last year's post count of 158.

    Tell you what: if you manage 24 posts until Christmas, I'll pitch in with the remaining 6. Always willing to shoulder the load, me.

  2. Ah yes, the forgotten final six days, the Negadvent, filled with sprouts, indigestion and consumerism overdoses. Deal!