Friday, 27 November 2015

Dungeon Saga II - Seeing Triple

Stylus is right, these are good models to paint! After getting the first batch of furniture out of the way (yeah, there's more, no, I'm not looking forward to it), I was pretty eager to get the core set down.

So here's a non-core set model, straight off - another of the Abyssal Dwarf Lesser Obsidisan Golems. This one is painted up more as an Earth Elemental/Generic Construct, though. Good sculpts, they turn out well in different paint schemes. Bit of a shame the pose is a bit clumpy, but I guess it's fair enough for a stompy fantasy robot.

We're slowing gearing up for a Skype Night session of Dungeon Saga, with an all-star cast of generals signing up. Paint fetishist that I am, I don't want to play the game without painted kit, so I'm racing through the models I need for the first few levels.

And I'm pretty much done, actually! There's one more I might feasibly need, but I strongly suspect my acrylic frenzy won't wear off until I've got a full core set under the slap.

As Stylus has already noted, these are a joy to paint. I went with white undercoats and used thinned-out base colours to get an initial highlight, then shaded and drybrushed as usual before the final details went on.

Some of them look better than others. The skeletons, particularly, suffered from too much white in the final drybrush. The archers look like they're wearing skull masks over their skulls, like an underfed backing group for the Phantom of the Opera.

In dreams he sings to us...
Doing them all in the same colours would be quicker, I know. It would also make me irritable every time I looked at them. If some of these have better schemes than others, I'm willing to pay the price for keeping them varied. 

Death - the ultimate equal opportunities employer

Same for the heroes - no adherence to official paint schemes here. I take full responsibility for the clashing titans below.

Planor - his face has come out badly, his red robes need a bit more layering and this photo misses the nice lava base (which came out much better than the rest of him), so I may come back to him. Certainly tabletop ready, at least.

Beardin the Dwarf - nothing too outlandish here and probably the closest to the suggested character scheme

Hordin and Gnasher are Kickstarter bonus figures, a Dwarven Landlord and his throwing mastiff. It's not really modelled that way, but I decided I could just about get away with painting him so it looks like he's using his beard plait to clean the tankard. 

Burlap the Barbarian. I broke one of the horns off his axe during unboxing, somehow, and then lost it. This explains why he's looking so pissed off. 

Drow paint for elven archer Virelai, so she looks proper foreign
 So just the Revenants, Ghosts, Zombie Trolls and Evil Characters left to do!

And then the same all over again for the second copy in the cupboard. And all three expansion sets. And all the Kickstarter Exclusive cobblers. Roll on next December.


  1. ... and I resume second place.

    Great work on the variant paintjobs, showing more imagination than me. By chance or design, that barbarian looks like Ragran the Barbarian (the recoloured artwork character card) from the Infernal Crypts expansion. (if I could get my hands on a second set of heroes, I'd totally do those characters too)

    Of course the advantage of being second is ... I'm stealing that paint scheme for the Templar Zombie!

  2. I love the green glow on the undead. Totally gonna steal that.

    1. Thanks! Please do. If I had a steadier hand, I'd have gone for a light green or white dot to really make it shine, but their wretched eye sockets are just too small for me.