Thursday, 10 December 2015

All I Want for Christmas is my Lower Jaw

There was a plum pudding in our Advent Calendar today. I nearly just copied that, but it wasn't quite grimdark enough.

Therefore, Skulls!

Stop! In the name of love

One for a necklace, one for a face and dog's one, plus the entire dog carcass, resting on his shoulders like the world's most awful cake topper. Yes, this is Hoggar, the Zombie Troll Shaman from Dwarf King's Quest, a boss creature with a long and confusing CV.

Three years at Shaman School, two studying Trollology at Cambridge, some Undead experience as a postdeathgrad. The last two years, mostly Cosplay gigs and open mic poetry. I don't have a car, but I can drive. 

Yeah, I could have painted him more festively. Candy cane on his staff, reindeer antlers on the dead dog, baubles on every wrist. I know. I guess I've just gone all Grinchdark.

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  1. Best compound noun villain since the ill-tempered mutated sea bass.