Saturday, 5 December 2015

We Wish You a Bunch of Dead Guys

Fifth Box!

Thanks to our unwitting sponsor in Advent Fun, Atlantic Collectibles Ebay Store!

The Dungeon Saga Kickstarter had an option for resin counters to replace some of the card tokens in game. Mantic have had a few fumbly moments in terms of delivering their promises, such as the X-rated page references in one of the manuals or the massive postage delays to USA. None seemed to invoke such hatred as these, the humble resin Pile of Bones counters.

We wish you a bunch of dead guys
We wish you a bunch of dead guys
We wish you a bunch of dead guys
And a scroll of Raise Dead
                                -Trad. Nec.

These mark undead minions who have been taken down, but not hard enough to prevent them coming back. It's a major mechanic for the undead in the game, and a good one. These tokens, though, there's a lot of forum rage about how they didn't look like the Kickstarter graphic. That had a square base on it. You could glue it on one, couldn't you? And okay, it's not the sharpest sculpt ever (the sword edge merges into a rusty shoulder pad, although that's hardly a major fail), so I can see how someone who lives in a very overprivileged part of the First World might count this as a terrible problem.

Personally, I'd say it looks pretty much as I'd imagine a collapsed skeleton warrior to look like, you can balance a model flat on top of it as the game might require (it's a foolproof way of preventing the damn things being raised) and it paints up pretty well. I glued them to a strip of card with spray paint in order to hold them still, and I had grand designs on doing shield designs until I actually got painting.

It's just like Ezekiel 37.

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  1. Nice bible reference. Not the usual fare on these blogs! A proper valley of dry bones