Monday, 7 December 2015

Return of the King

The relentless march of Advent continues!

Pa rumpa pum pum

It's just adding insult to injury, invading a long-lost Dwarven hold, defiling the graves with necromantic magic and then bringing the original king back to serve you in deathless perpetuity. Kind of cool, though. If I was in that situation, it's the kind of dick move I'd pull.

Welcome, Heroes! I extend the traditional hand of friendship...
...and I'm totally not about to smack you with this colossal mallet. Promise.

Grund, the undead dwarf king boss for Dungeon Saga, is even better than the dwarven revenants. Fleur-de-lys may not be the dwarviest of regal emblems to adorn a cape, any more than white chamois leather gloves are. Maybe this guy had gone a bit Elvish before he left the building.

I just want to be your teddy bear.


  1. It's a cracking model, but I'm not sure what's going on with that hammer: it is meant to be held aloft, to show the king's strength; or resting on the ground, to show its heaviness?
    (it took me a lot of hot water, snapped limb, and superglue before I made my peace with it)

    1. It's a funny one, isn't it? This is where it's supposed to be, according to the concept art. He's doing some kind of reversed blade pose with a weapon entirely unsuited to it, and it does look kind of daft. There is something quite OTT-martial-art-crouching-tiger-hidden-hammer about it, though, I ended up letting it through.