Wednesday, 30 December 2015

First Step into a Larger World

Not that step, maybe.

After a brief exchange in a previous post, and an Amazon voucher for £25 sitting on my desk: I found myself ordering the XWing core set... which thanks to Prime, arrived that day and I could read the rules last night (then I found the rules are posted on FFG's site for anyone to read!).

Anyway, after doing so and given the low entry cost, I ordered the other core set to offer some other options in a future game.

Today, over lunch, Kraken and I decided to play the intro game.

Ignoring the suggestion to play with reduced rules (this is not our first rodeo) we did however start with the base pilots and a small 2x2 starfield with no obstacles or customization. This meant we would play with all maneuvers, actions and damage cards - just with no upgrades and it would be the base Rookie pilot vs the twin TIE threat from an Academy and Obsidian pilot.

I got to play as the Imperials, which suits me nicely. Better uniforms, for one. 

What was pleasing was the game was played and completed and skype call wrapped up prior to Kraken being pulled away to watch Tinkerbell by his daughter (this included intro and conclusion in under 40 minutes). Looks like an opportunity for some quick games here.

Fighters that size couldn't get this deep into space on its own.

Unfortunately in the excitement only one photo was taken (sorry).

Our game included a lot of maneuvering, less shooting, and a few explosions.  It ended with the XWing with no shields, but both TIEs destroyed. The Obsidian pilot attempting a barrel roll into the path of the XWing for a shootout.

Apparently, TIEs can't go head to head with X-Wings in a shooting duel. The board game certainly delivers the experience of the films, then! My TIEs were certainly nippier, able to spin and roll and outdistance the big X. Not that I did much with it, they just swooped about in circles before exploding. Again, honour was satisfied. 

Looking forward to the next game! (may even be tonight if Kraken's brood are all bedbound with flu).

Kraken is already eyeing up some Scum, and it would be a Star Wars game without a Falcon... oh dear... what have we done!

After writing the above, I had a call from Kraken as the brood was asleep. In under an hour we had two more games!

1st game:
Luke Skywalker + R2D2 + Proton Torpedoes + Markmanship
Howlrunner + Swarm Tactics

After initially closing, Luke cracked Howlrunner's hull, momentarily blinding him and preventing a counterattack.

Getting ready for proton torpedo run (he only had one salvo) Luke preemptively targetted Backstabber.

Luke's shields were depleted and he had to get out of there, but leaving backstabber behind, performed a daring loop (stressing himself out) and taking a bead on Howlrunner but the TIE was too nimble.

Kicking the thrusters Luke short forward allowing R2 time to repair the shields.

Now recharged, Luke again braved the G force to flip his ship and turned to face the incoming twin TIEs.

With a target lock and focusing on his prey, Luke tore a hole through Backstabber's engines and the TIE exploded to the critical shot.

With only one TIE to fight, Luke could maneuver into position and let fire, unable to use the protons without a target lock he concentrated on his blasters: Howlrunner was no more.

Game 2:
Luke Skywalker + R2D2 + Proton Torpedoes + Marksmanship
Black Squadron Pilot + Determination
2 x Academy Pilot

Switching sides and believing swarming may be the way to go (especially with Luke's nifty evade feature and R2 constantly repairing the shields when Luke slows), three less experienced TIE pilots were brought to the arena.

Seeing the XWing, the three shot forward: one slowly, the other two moving into a flanking position. Luke ignored the starboard threat, thrust straight forward and totalled one of the academy pilot in a barrage of blaster fire.

As the TIEs gave chase, one tried to perform the same loop he'd seen Luke and others do earlier, but accidentally hit the hyperspace (don't hate me: I know TIEs don't have hyperspace... but he left the edge of the board, which meant he bugged off home... Now I miss AoS/Warhammer's "you can measure" ruling!)

Yeah, I was struggling a bit with distances too! Over Skype, playing a game for the first time with no real idea of how large the movement templates are, I found myself overshooting quite a lot. Luckily, overshooting seemed to pay off in a shooter-based dogfight. 

With one Academy Pilot left in Luke's sights, and with its little ability to get out of firing arc, and Luke's impressive skill: the final TIE is dispatched... Luke probably had his eyes closed too.


Two very quick games, and if nothing else, the outcome was befitting the films. It wouldn't be right for two lowly academy TIE pilots to take out Luke after all anyway. It would have been good to give his ship a bit of battle scarring though!!

But, the Imperial forces need some firepower to keep up with Luke.... now where is ebay....

I'm well impressed with this, in terms of speed, ease of play and entertainment value. Three skype games in a day, for a total of about 90 minutes? Amazing! Positioning is everything in this game, and I know I don't really have a handle on how best to use the different fighters. Research must be done, mostly in the form of more playing. 


  1. A good battle report, sure, but I'm going to need to hear more about Tinkerbell...

    1. She turns focus results on the dice into lovely fireflies that whizz pleasantly round her opponents' ships. Plus if she's destroyed, she returns to play if a child claps its hands somewhere in the world.

  2. Very promising, and it would be almost remiss if we did not aim make the next gathering WoffBoot X (Wing).

    I'm also getting a familiar back-to-school feeling, where someone returned from Christmas with the cool new toy, and those of us with June birthdays had to wait half a year for it.

    (of course, if we did wait until early summer for the WoffBoot, The Force Awakens would be out on Blue Ray...)

    1. Although if basing on movies, we could tie with cinematic releases of Batman:Dawn of Justice, Capt America:Civil War or XMen:Apocalypse (at varying points)

    2. We will all be Woffboot X Men.