Tuesday, 8 December 2015

As with Badness Men of Old

Onwards to the inevitable!

Dwarf King's Quest has a final boss level, where you square off against a powerful necromancer. Nice model, very understated, at least until you slap heavy-handed source lighting on it. 

I haven't painted dags in a long time. Now I remember why.

Dungeon crawls often have final bosses. It's part of the way games try to capture the dramatic arc of a story - it all leads up to the deadly confrontation with your nemesis, type thing. Dwarf King's Quest, the campaign of missions that comes in the Dungeon Saga box, has Mortibris here. The game even suggests that the player controlling the bad guys is playing as this guy. 

It's a nice concept, particularly for all those Bad Guy players like me who quite like to have the same personal connection to the board as the players. Shame that they forgot it in the other campaigns, really.

He's very serious-looking, isn't he? Come on, Morty, get in the festive mood.

Expect to see this lame-ass gag again before the end of the month.

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