Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Bowels of Trolly

Done all your Christmas shopping yet? 

Undead Trolls are the gift that keeps on giving. You can't really kill the undead, on a technicality, and if what's not dead won't even stop regenerating into the bargain, well, you're really screwed.

This one died of frostbite, which I looked up on the internet to get right. I won't ever be doing that again, man, frostbite is gross. The troll's nose is gone. Go on, say it with me, how does he smell?

It's DnD that brought the concept of the regenerating troll into fantasy, as far as my extensive research has revealed (I did none, I'm just assuming). Trolls are Scandinavian, and they're nothing like their current incarnation in the old legends. I wonder who made that design choice? They have a lot to answer for.

More of a traditional greenskin look, with red brick accessory

Another good sculpt from the Dungeon Saga core set here. Peeling, gory and slinging a rock - an imposing look. They don't actually throw things in the game, sadly, although it's nothing a tiny bit of homebrew wouldn't cure.

Amazingly, they smell worse than they spell.

Now, I do have to apologise a little for dragging out all this DS stuff. My original plan was to cram a few more models into each day's post, but there are two reasons this isn't going to happen.

  • I've torn a tendon on my left thumb and I can't hold a model straight to paint it
  • Advent has too many bloody days in it and I'm already running out of inspiration

Honest, though, bear with it. I'm nearly there!

Troll lol lol lol lol
lol lol lol lol

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