Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Gory, Gory Hallelujah!

Only nine more bludgeoning days until Christmas!

You know, that tattoo should really be on a dead man's chest...

Behind Chest #15, we return those stalwarts of the Nativity: the livestock!

The mutated, bloodthirsty, Chaos-worshipping livestock, for sure. Doesn't everyone's school play go that way?

Ever since I caught the 'paint whatever I want' vibe back in the summer, I've really managed to stack up the unfinished projects.

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Gor

Not quite unfinished - I have just been taking things in bite-sized portions, half a box set at the time, to allow me to finish each model faster and keep momentum and enthusiasm going.

The drawback to this is that enthusiasm often burns out before I can tackle the second half of the box, and they get pushed aside by new miniatures on the painting table.

So I have been dong things, quite literally, by halves.

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
They are trotting out the vintage...

Anyway, I finally got around to finishing these chaps - the other half to the Gors that were painted in August.

Fortunately, I use this blog to keep track of the painting recipe:

  • Skin: Vermin Fur base, Agrax Earthshade wash, Cadian Fleshtone highlights
  • Fur: Mounfang Brown base, Flesh Ink wash, Ryze Rust highlights
  • Horns and claws: Zandri dust base, Agrax Earthshade wash,
  • Hooves: Steel Legion Drab base, Agrax Earthshade wash,
  • Weapon hafts: Tallern Sand base, Brown Ink wash
  • Weapon heads: Chaos Black base, Leadbelcher highlights, Tinny Tin highlights
  • Amulets: Dryad Bark base, Tinny Tin layer
  • Belts and straps: Balor Brown base, Agrax Earthshade wash
  • Blood - For The Blood God!

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
... where the God of Wrath is stored

Of course, one drawback in a four-month break between in painting is that is can be tricky to *exactly* duplicate the paint job. The skin tone on the previous lot seems just a hint redder (but hey, it's chaotic) that I managed with this batch.

The bigger problem was the spattered blood.

Oh God, the blood.

I used a different toothbrush to create the 'blood-spatter' effect on the snow and models, because no matter what I tried, I could not get the same volume of spatter. (I think the bristles were softer with this one).

I must have tried for an hour, changing the angle of the spatter, the amount of paint on the toothbrush, everything. There was plenty of Blood For The Blood God being sprayed around: on the painting board, on the protective screen, on the wall, on the desk, on my hand. Everywhere, in fact, but on the sodding model.

I even tried to compensate for this, and place other Gor in random places, hoping that some paint, somehow, would get on the base. In the end, I got enough blood on them to be happy with, although they're a little less sanguine than their comrades.

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
They hath loosed the fateful chopping of their terrible swift sword

A cloth banner seemed a bit regimental for a pack of raiding beastmen. So I split the difference and mounted a shield on a banner pole, as some kind of icon.

Speaking of which - these beastmen shields are crazy-good (worth adding on the models, even if two hand weapons are more effective). My favourite is one in the centre (below) - a kind of flensed skull with half the brain-pan chipped away and a hook dangling from the jaw.

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
Their hooves are marching on.

And finally, the boss of the beastmen (called a 'Foe-Render' - aren't they all?) with the obligatory ridonkulous-sized axe.

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die!

As before, these were very nice to paint. However, for rank-and-file models, there were an awful lot of details: every model had a sidearm, at least one pendant and some kind of skull - and that's before the weapon options were added.

I know GW prides itself on its models, and this is a cracking plastic set, but Gor are hardly the elites of the army (which might justify spending a lot of time on each), and at times it seems like the model was unnecessarily fussy, rather than detailed.

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
Our Gors is just!

That said, I'm not ruling out getting some more. If I'm aiming to get some more monsters into this warband (and indeed I am), a unit of 20 should leaven the numbers nicely.

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
Let us Bray.

Tune in tomorrow for more ho-ho-homicide!


  1. I read somewhere that the Beastmen will be dropped from the GW product line (and the setting of AoS, therefore) in the near future. What a shame! It's been a poorly supported army for a long time now, but the models always looked good. Not the beefcake minotaurs, but the Gors and Ungors - proper old school chaos, nice stuff.

    1. Ach, if they do, they do. They're nice models to have as generic bad guys and random encounter fodder (or proxies for Marauders, or Frostgrave, or Vikings!). Obsolescent or not, I'm glad I have them.

      It would be interesting to see if the line does get dropped - the plastic kits aren't *that* old, so there must be something of a sunk cost in the moulds for a Gorghon etc. Either way, I'll be furnishing this army from Mierce and Forge World, most likely.

    2. Oo - the Mierce Fomorians are an awesome range. Good chaos humans and beastmen, particularly their rhinomen!