Monday, 21 December 2015

I Saw Three Hulks Come Warping In

And what was in their cargo holds?

Genestealers. It's always genestealers. 
Perhaps it was Crypt Angels who announced stuff to the shepherds. That's probably why they hightailed it in to Bethlehem so fast, they were at bolter point.

Terminators today, a final squad of the veterans. I read on the interwebs that vanilla Terminators aren't really used much in today's competitive scene. Too overpriced, not survivable enough. 

This is held up as a reason why the game is broken and GW needs to nerf other codices, amongst other predicable nerd whines. To me, this is a reason to roll my eyes and wonder what kind of idiot thinks a dice-based tabletop wargame can or should ever be balanced, and thank my lucky stars I'm not remotely interested in the competitive scene. 

It's not squash, okay? Or chess. Warhammer in all its varieties is about telling stories and laughing when the dice gods crush you. If you want reliable hard counters and balanced assymetry, go and play a good RTS online. Or better yet, stop trying to re-enact any kind of warfare. Warfare is a random and unpredictable shit storm, from most accounts I've ever read. That's why dice replicate it so well. 

Anyway! It's nearly Christmas, stop ranting, Kraken. Or the spirits of three GW Executives will visit you over the coming night, until you repent of your ways and get back on the corporate teat. 

Speaking of which, I quite fancy some of that new Chaos range - the Gaunt Sorceror and the Varanguard are both lovely models, although the latter is nastily priced. Not as much as the new Archaon, but luckily I don't like him as much as the older one anyway.

I mean, over a hundred quid for a single model? And he's plastic? And his horse is now a dragon with skulls coming out of its skin? On the inevitable day when I jump my own personal shark, whatever that may entail, I hope I look as ridiculous. 

Spotted the repeats yet? 

Yeah, these guys are magnetised. Or four of the six of them are, anyway. Weapon options aplenty, hence my rambling as the mugshots roll by. 

It's a really neat way of extending your range of models, I think. It seems so obvious and clever, it makes me wonder if GW will ever throw magnets into the box to start with, or at least include holes in the sculpts to help you do it. Or at least slap the Citadel logo on a big bag of earth magnets and quadruple the price. 

Right! Enough, here's a run of photos to get through the rest of the models. 

Here's all their gun.

And here's the squad all together.

And here they all are, together with yesterday's tac squaddies and tomorrow's premium bosses! You can't tell in the photo, but they're all singing Fairytale of New York.

This Space Marines project is nearing completion. I've broken its back, certainly - about two months still to go, give or take, with a couple more vehicles, assault squads and some really nice characters still to do.

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