Sunday, 13 December 2015

O Plastic Town of Bethlehem

Yes! The Advent Madness is still upon me! Pray that these bonds hold me to the chair, and flee while you can!

The other Kickstarter hanging over me like a Terrain-based sword of Damocles is this excellent Dark Age Outpost one. Stylus is a fellow backer here, too. There's a theme developing there, I think. We seem to have the same tastes.

Having an instant Saxon walled fort, particularly a modular one, is a no-brainer for me. Sorry, that should read I am a no-brainer and therefore think plastic castles are things I should buy as I approach my fortieth birthday. This one will be a birthday present from my long-suffering wife. She rolls her eyes, I my dice.

Sorry I can't source a better picture than this. Have a look at the Kickstarter page (it's okay - it finished ages ago, it's quite safe for your wallet now) here instead to see better images.

It's tough plastic (fairly tough? Hard to judge from pictures of the 3D design files, really), so ought to be child friendly. I have fond memories of playing Crossbows and Catapults from MB games as a young 'un, and I could see these working with a nice cheap plastic replica catapult. Young children are naturally destructive, it should appeal to them too.

A snowy finish for the walls, of course! I went for the gold pledge, which seemed like the best value - basically an entire walled settlement in one fell swoop. You get pewter viking models, but you can swap them out for more stockades, extra beehives, that kind of thing. Stuff from the Stretch Goals. So I did. Great for SAGA games, of course, but perfectly good for any other 28mm wargames I might happen to play.

Now I just need to wait and see what the dice roll of Kickstarter Delivery actually grants me, sometime around next May...

Penny Arcade. Funny because it's true.

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  1. I think the developing theme is that you, sir, are a Kickstarter enabler.