Sunday, 6 December 2015

What the Hell-y and the Ivy

What's in today's box?

It should have been doors, really, shouldn't it? Dungeon doors. Ah well, too late now.

I don't know who it is at Mantic that has a crush on the Predator. All I know is I saw him first, he's mine that it's an odd choice to base a fantasy miniature on. Still, I have a copy, as a Kickstarter exclusive add-on. Works pretty well, too, he looks big, mean and intimidating. Dunno why they called him Blaine, though.

Presumably he's a goddam sexual tyrannosaurus, just like the original.

Notable facts about the original Predator:

  • He was initially played by Jean Claude van Damme, who found the suit too hot and sweaty and left the production. Rumours that the production team found his natural face beneath the mask 'too horrifying' are utterly unfounded
  • He didn't wear a cape
  • He was invisible quite a lot

Invisible is a hard colour to paint. This DP cape is the best I could manage.

Great in an Alpine setting. Naff all use in a dungeon.

It's probably elven weave. Not magic, you know, just confusing to people born before 1900.

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  1. Yeah, the whole Blaine thing felt like some kind of Mantic Kickstarter in-joke. The model doesn't stir me either - if there were going to throw in a bonus, I'd rather have had FunnyBones the Jester.

    Still, can't grumble at a freebie.