Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Leftovers

Christmas is over, so let's pick at this carcass for a few days more.

The state of my turkey by Day 3
Time for the leftovers!

A pair of Wood Elf characters - both of them Waystalkers, and one of them has been waiting patiently for the better part of a year for me to blog about him.

Aenur, the Sword of Twilight
"I shouldn't even be here, Mr Frodo! I should be in ...Mordheim!"

It's Aenur, the Sword of Twilight - a dramatis personae from Mordheim that must be owned by every Warhammer hobbyist of a certain age (or at least those who subscribed to White Dwarf #238).

Aenur, the Sword of Twilight
Swishy swooshy

Aenur is a High Elf, but that big cloak is excuse enough, so I stuck a spare Warhawk Rider bow & quiver on his back (with a strip of masking tape, to give some explanation as to how it was clinging there). And there he was: my 6th Ed Waywatcher Lord!

Aenur, the Sword of Twilight
This sword, to an absurd degree,
Is showing signs of verdigris.

It's a nice model (And metal! And free with White Dwarf! Don't talk to me about plastic Stormcasts - THIS was a proper free gift!) - the amount of cloak makes it seem deceptively simple, but what you can see of the elf beneath is very well-detailed.

I made his armour more rustic brown and bronze, since Wood Elves don't go in for ferrous metal much. The sword was an early attempt at 'magical effect' weapons - which probably amounted to little more than a Green Ink wash and some Mithril Silver drybrushing.


My second Waywatcher Lord is a real example of using leftovers. You may remember my original Glade Captain on a Great Bear started out like this...

Does A Bear Rider Shoot In The Woods?

The rider's torso was subsequently dismounted and replaced with the torso of an old Jes Goodwin champion that was more combat-orientated.

So this left me with the painted torso of the original rider, and the unpainted legs of the champion model I'd hacked up.

Converted Wood Elf Waystalker
Let's get these two kids together!
Even the painted part of this model had some repainting. I got inspired by the 'moon and stars' motif on his chest and went with a 'night' Waystalker of dark blue, grey and silver (to contrast with the 'day' Waystalker of green, yellow and gold).

Converted Wood Elf Waystalker

The cloak was a greenstuff sculpt (although not a great one), with some freehand swirls and squiggles to hide my thumbprints.

Should I ever get another game of 8th Ed with my Wood Elves (and it seems only sporting to give Kraken a chance to finally score a win against them), I'd love to give this pair a run-out. Their combined sniping ability would put the fear of Khorne into any sorcerer lurking in a pack of marauders.


  1. If the Wood Elves want a rematch, who am I to let them down?

    1. I'll look out my widest kicking boots.