Saturday, 20 April 2013

WoffBoot VII imminent

WoffBoot VII imminent... 

Less than 2 days until WoffBoot VII starts. So I thought I would rehash Stylus’s original post with the final posting and also try and get an idea of timing of arrivals (for food and game potential).

Dates: 26th-28th April
Open House
  • Friday - starts at noon (for those who can) 0-2 battles each?
  • Saturday - full day 2-4 battles each?
  • Sunday - concludes at noon 1 battle each?
Expected Arrivals (colours imply my certainty based on prior conversations):
  • Kasfunatu – Hmm, I wonder
  • Stylus – 2pm Friday
  • East - 2pm Friday
  • Reinbowarrior - 8pm Friday
  • Leofa 8pm Friday
  • Yalfrezi – 12pm Saturday

1. Round Robin tournament, with players being matched according to availability.


2. Armies will be 1,000 points maximum.
  • Lords/Heroes <= 50% (of which Lords <=25%)
  • Other percentages as rulebook.

3. Each game will be a Pitched Battle (other scenarios optional by mutual consent), with VPs awarded as per the rulebook, with the addition of the 'Fleeing Units' house rule:
  • Active and >=50%: 0%
  • Fleeing and >=50%: 25%
  • Active and <50%: 50%
  • Fleeing and <50%: 75%
  • Destroyed/Fled off the table: 100%

4. Points for the overall league table as follows:
  • Crushing Victory: 3
  • Victory: 2
  • Draw: 1
  • Loss: 0

5. 2D5 power dice for magic phase (2D4 or 2D6 as an option by mutual agreement.)


6. Opening ceremony staggered (as players arrive), with full disclosure of army lists.


7. Secret ballot, submitted as soon as players arrive and revealed at the close, whereby they guess the final positions of the league table.

Players & armies
(shout out your own)
  • Kasfunatu - Daemons
  • Leofa ... still a secret the sneaky (busy) blighter
  • Stylus - Savage Orcs
  • East ... Wood Elves
  • Yalfrezi & Son - Dwarves
  • Reinbowarrior - Skaven


  1. That all looks good to me. Did we reach a decision on the 'grudge match' bonus? *loosens lid on can of worms, stands well back*

    I should be able to arrive earlier on Friday. Assuming trains run my way, I'll be at MK Central at 13.13 (the Skaven Hour)

    1. Cool, will update to you to green and ~2pm.

      I don't think we got to the bottom of for certain on grudges (or documented if we did). There were some good ideas, but not totally crystalised.

  2. And bringing, Leofa can be assured, my little drill and pinning gear.

  3. I will be arriving between 1-2 on Friday.
    The Wood Elves will be with me :)

    Can`t wait