Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hobbitual Rantings

 More hobbitry, in lieu of a fevered run-up to the Woffboot. Although I am also working on a few more odds and ends for my Chaos Army, just so I can legitimise the army I might have fielded.

In the meantime I bring you these two doughty chaps: -

With them is their little-known, non-copyright-infringing spellcaster. I did consider various other incarnations - Fandolf the Fawn, Tandolf the Tan or even Rambolf the DP Overalls. But novelty will only get you so far.

Greendolf the Green
(No relation)

In order to earn character-painting, though, I've obliged myself to do another handful of goblins. This time round I've gone with a third different paint scheme, slightly closer to the one on the box. This started as a Worm Purple undercoat, given a Drakenhof Nightshade wash then progressive brushes of Dwarven Flesh, Kislev Flesh and Rotting Flesh. Space Wolf Grey and Black Ink hair, Snakebite Leather and Brown Ink accessories.

It was the third one, officer. I'd know that face in any hoard.
Don't pick it, you'll make it worse
And finally, having used the Internet to establish that grey horses are not, in fact, matt grey, I gave the chariot a second pass. I have also promised myself never to paint a grey horse again, freehand stippling is just too much hassle and too prone to going blotchy. Blacks next time, and probably every time ever after.

Final Offer


  1. I wish I'd thought of the 'character painting' incentive - instead of having a complete Fellowship and no Moria Goblins to chase after them.

    I think that's my favourite of the goblin flesh colours (I'm going to borrow at least one of those combinations). But Purple, and Blue, and Flesh mix together to make Green - were my GCSE Art lessons naught but a tissue of lies?

  2. I'll be going through a whole spectrum of colours with the rest of them, I reckon. They've all come out well - these ones look rather more brown in real life. The final highlight of Rotting Flesh is the only thing giving them a green look otherwise - as usual, my drybrushing is pretty heavy-handed.