Monday, 8 April 2013

The Cast of Labyrinth

Here are some goblins: -

Green ones this time, for a change
Snot green undercoat, drakenhof blue shading,
goblin green and rotting flesh highlights
snakebite leather for rags, tin bitz and chainmail for weapons
or bleached bone for, well, for bones
And now we presumably all remind you of the babe.
And here's their King: - 

I realised that if I'm ever going to field my chaos army, I need to have at least one demon prince to hand, just in case. Spawn I have, and if I'd been more forward thinking, I'd have put Cthulhu Junior on a 50x50 base, as he'd have done very nicely. 

But he's already on a 40x40 base, and I didn't want to fiddle with it. I was considering this for a moment, until I saw the price. 

Love the wings particularly.
This range also has an amazing manticore with rider.
Then I remembered this fella.

Poorly insulated, that. Somebody's going to get hurt.
He was also based up, on his big round 40K walker base, but I hadn't painted it yet and didn't feel as bad ripping him out of his pvc glue nest.

I think the elves use a lot of reinforced concrete in their work. Yes, these are elven ruins.
Now, okay, I haven't made a huge concession to the period change required. But he's a demon prince, dagnammit. If anything in Warhammer is allowed to sport a multimelta, it's him. Look at the Skull Cannon of Khorne (or whatever it's called), I'm sure that sets a precedent for fantasy/gun mash-ups.

The other weapon works just fine, a big toothy fist.
He's got a couple of tiny features to set him, though - the shield and axe he was carrying but moments before his transformation. And a skeleton in a gibbet, courtesy of the giant sprue, the sprue that keeps on giving. As you shall see...

Keep your friends close.

Done bar varnish. The red inking looks a bit streaky in close-ups, but it works fine in real life, which a) is more important and b) I have only a dim relationship with anyway.

Pokemon! I choose... running away.


  1. Nice goblins - as someone always on the lookout for new shades of verdant skintone, does a green base and a blue wash really work as well as those pictures look? (just doesn't seem right on the colour chart)

    Quote: "...remind you of the babe."

    What babe?

    1. why, the babe with the power, of course.

    2. I believe you're referring to the power of voodoo.

    3. Remind me of the babe!

      I saw my bay-bah

    4. Virtual 80s' karaoke. Marvellous.

    5. Anyone who ever said we should get out more must be feeling really stupid right now.

    6. Speaking of which -

  2. I'm quite pleased with the blue wash on green. It gives them depth, their skin looks sort of froggish and amphibious.