Saturday, 27 April 2013

Daemons vs Warriors

K'zak, fresh from the glorious battle and massacre of the orcs, was feeling confident and marched the horde into the centre of the field again.

The cannon and Bloodcrushers took one flank, although the crushers were poised to head towards the ogres in the centre of the line, rather than around the outside.

The small unit of heavily-armoured warriors, led by their sorcerer lord, made station behind a wooden fence; the dragon ogres hid behind a forest; the ogres snarled and faced off against the horde; and on the right wing, war hounds and horsemen skipped forward uncontested.

K'zak, never one for patience, ordered his units forward and marching ahead they crashed through undergrowth, closing in on the two units. The cannon took a pot shot at the warriors, but buoyed by their defeat of a giant, they aimed too high and the cannonball shot overhead.

The hounds wheeled behind the crushers, and the horsemen cut through the ruins of a temple to bring up a potential rear charge. The dragon ogres cowered behind the forest, slowly skulking round the trees, and the rest of the warriors waited.

Tzeentch's magic emanated from the wizard's hand and a blue fireball ripped through the bloodletters. For the most part, flame just making their presence even more impressive before two fell to the effect.

K'zak sounded the order and the horde was atop the warriors. The crushers dug their heels in, hoping for a similar charge on the ogres, but they could not muster their mighty brass beasts into moving.

A keeper of secrets was watching the battle with interest and decided that, with worshipped of all three of her brethren in one place, now was a good time to strike, and it really would be good to smoke some Khorne! The phantasmagorical image appeared to all, most ignored the siren, but the war hounds, scared by the manifestation ran from the field.

The marauders, suddenly exposed, then felt a cannonball in their flank and all but two fell.

The bloodletters did not fair so well and, after their crush on the orcs, had not predicted how effective the chaos armour and shields would be to crack through. A mighty onslaught from the warriors and K'zak fell.

Battered and bruised, the bloodletters fought on, bringing the fight to a draw.

Seeing weakness, the ogres joined the fight, the dragon ogres hid behind the wood and the horsemen let off two shots at the armoured hellbeast of a cannon.

Crashing steel and smell of sulphur filled the battlefield as slowly the warriors and ogres combined might started to beat down on the letters. Two fell to sword, four more to the fickle nature of chaos.

The crushers were now poised to pounce and launched themselves into the flank of the ogres.

The keeper of secrets made her presence known and one of the dragon ogre's hearts stopped through fear. The other two then ran for the hills, cannonballs blasting into their rear. The horsemen, equally afflicted, left the field of battle.

Try as they might the bloodletters failed to repeat the impressive decapitation they had scored against the orc general and their blows continued to be parried.

The crushers minced through the ogres and three lay dead. The warriors were pressing their advantage and more bloodletters crumbled back to hell.

Locked in some strange deja vu, the same course of events repeated: the dragon ogres continued to run for their mummy. The warriors whittled the bloodletters and the ogres fell to the crushers.

This time, so displeased with their progress, Khorne reached out and slapped the rest of bloodletters into oblivion.

The crushers stormed into the warriors and the cannon wheeled forward, taking pot shots at the dragon ogres, who fully remembered their purpose and steadied themselves.

The crushers had more success with ripping through the warriors' wrapping, but the general still effortlessly dodged all the mighty blows.

One crusher fell before the warriors turned tail and were finally quashed beneath juggernaut hooves.

The dragon ogres were now ready to make their move and the pair marched forward in to the woods to take on the crushers

The cannon rolled for, hoping for a target, it did think about blowing up a tree in case the splinters slowed the ogres, but decided against it.

The crushers put up a fight but failed to fell a dragon ogre, leaving them exposed to a final set of large blows and with a overhead smash the final crusher fell.

The cannon and ogres eyed each other up but realising they could not reach each other in time, left to face each other another time.

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