Friday, 26 April 2013

Unexpected Guests

For what it's worth, my army selection for the Woffboot would have gone as follows.

The U.N.


Baeloth the Unadorned 

Level 2 Chaos Sorceror with the Lore of Death, mounted on a Gorebeast Chariot and equipped with a Talisman of Endurance and Chaos Familiar- 330


The Undaunted 

20 Chaos Warriors with shields, full command and a Gleaming (if Black) Pennant - 335

The Unbloodied

25 Chaos Marauders with light armour, shields, full command and Marks of Tzeentch - 225

Unacceptable Rage 

A Chaos Chariot - 110
Total - 1000

No specials, no spawn, few whistles or bells. And perhaps a little compact, but such is the cost of the Chaos Core. I've already got 850 points worth painted up or core alone now, which I was pleasantly surprised to learn. 

The rough plan would be plod forwards with the two solid melee packs, keeping the chariots either as flanking guards or roaming assassins (depending on what war machinery or light cavalry might need dealing with) until they're engaged. Then flank extremely hard with as many simultaneous scythes as possible.

So basically the inverse of how I laid them out here.
I did contemplate sensible, balanced, unequipped command. When I'd stopped laughing at myself, I then thought about taking no wizard, an exalted champion and the shaggoth. But the crazy all-the-eggs-in-one-kick-ass-basket general approach, as well as fielding double chariots, was just too tempting in the end. Baeloth brings half the Lore of Death with him and brings it quite fast, which ought to terrify anyone. He's clearly a bullet magnet, but what the hell. Live dangerously, die under your own miscast Purple Sun, that's his motto.

Have a cracking Woffboot, everyone! Hope to see you next time round. 


  1. Oops. I mean only 20 of the marauders, and the warriors don't get their pennant. Damn maths.

  2. Looks like a solid army anyway. Those two combat blocks would cause everyone problems.

    I wonder if the Chaos Warriors are overkill though? Two blocks of ten would likely boss any close combat, with supporting chariot charges helping out against tougher prospects. A whole unit of 20 could be a points sink at this level, and just wouldn't have time to do enough damage to recoup their cost.

  3. I like overkill. Nothing like leaving nothing but an empty movement tray in your wake to sow horror.

    I see your point, though - more units and flexibility. But two units would be more expensive unless you're willing to forgo command, and thinking of the heavy hitting units of, say, ghouls, Big 'Uns, ogres or demons I might be up against, I'd prefer the bigger punch.

  4. Bigger punch - would the be a HORDE of Bloodletters?

  5. Yeah, that'd do it. Massacre, huh?