Friday, 12 April 2013

Convertible 2 - Revenge of the Horsemen

But wait while I finish these dwarves first.


And I've also re-based this old favourite, who is extremely unlikely to ever see service in his actual guise, but makes a very respectable Lord on Demonic Mount all the same.

Everyone's favourite Lord of the End Times
Other than the base, I also replaced his long-awol shield with one from the Chaos Knights sprue (once more courtesy of General Leofa). I never used the original, I didn't like it. Too heavy and blocked some of the model; whilst I retract that view now, this one does look a little puny in comparison. No matter, it still works.

I also redid the chaos star so it lights up. Not literally, sadly. 
It's taken a week of very slow progress, but the second chariot is now done.

I'm sticking to my bone scheme, although scheme is probably a little loose for the very variegated look of my Warrior unit. The first take had a pure bone-coloured carriage, but it looked much too pale and clean. The second take has this darker, muddier look.
Shield detail
As ever, photography has shown up many rough edges all round the model to clean. I may lighten the chassis up a little to blend the brushstrokes in again, but this is it for now. The riders both have tiny tweaks - different helmet for the cabbie, alternate weapon for the boss.

I did not enjoy the assembly. Not at all. 
The reins were an absolute pig to glue in place, GW have failed to make one of them the right length, hence my rather botchy gluing and the fact that the chariot has a joystick transmission. They went on last, as fixing the horses and body to the base was also a real pain. This is probably the first time I've painted individual bits before assembly, in fact. I realised that might help from the first chariot, to get the inner details like legs and shoes, that nobody will ever bother looking at.

There is another set of mods to the model. General Stylus, now your question from the last chariot is more relevant.

Marauder Men-Horses

These giant heads are held on with a green stuff neck on one side and a green stuff and clipped horse's head on the other. I feel rather pleased with the pure green stuff neck, it was a total fluke but looks pretty good. The modelling more than the painting, to be fair. I hate doing horses, they never look right, so at least these ones don't have to.

I got the idea because I've got three spare giant heads, and they're about the same dimensions as a citadel horse. I thought it would look appropriately weird and disturbing, an assumption I think worked after my wife remarked 'what have you done to those poor horses' as she tried to tidy up the dining table. Again, the paint needs tidying, especially round the mouths and necks.

S: I've got half a mind to leave.
W:If you had half a mind, you wouldn't be here.
Woah! Ho ho ho ho ho!


  1. Nice conversion. One of the things that never appealed to me about a Warriors of Chaos army was that they generally look too neat and uniform - like gothic Bretonnians rather than folk ravaged by the mutating energies of dark gods. But these look proper freaky.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. All those identical ranks really tick me off. They need work - my photos have revealed a number of areas of unpainted green stuff peeking out, and the inking is a very poor blend right now. But the underlying model, I'm pleased with. Which is half the battle, right?


  2. And the man-horses remind me of the David Niven anecdote about Michael Curtiz, a Hollywood director with notoriously mangled English:

    On the set of 'The Charge of the Light Brigade', when wanting to see stray horses wandering through the battle, Curtiz directed the wranglers to "Bring on the empty horses".

    As Niven and Flynn cracked up laughing, he responded with:"You people, you think I know f*** nothing; I tell you: I know f*** all!"