Friday, 19 April 2013

Busta, Da Big Green

"Busta iz Da Big Green. 'Ee prayed to Mork to make 'im da bestest of all da orcs, an' when 'ee woke up, 'ee was da biggest. 'Cos biggest means bestest, dunnit."

"Da ladz gave 'im lots of different orky glyphs for his warpaint, which iz symbolic of the Epicurean principle of Atomism. Waaagh!"

Papo Orc conversion

It's been a while since I painted him, but I finally got a flocking move on put some basing on my Giant orc.

And if you're having trouble with the perspective, here's what he looks like against a regular savage orc.

Papo Orc conversion
It's no joke at the orc urinals.

As I said, when converting him, I added a lot of detailed bits - to give some edge to that smooth, chewable plastic, and to cover up the metal stuff that I couldn't cut away.

Papo Orc conversion
This is what happens when you wish on a Zoltar Fortune Telling machine.

The accompanying details to the base are a bit thin on the ground (sic). I still have extras like a fleeing peasant and cow-shaped lunch box, but with WoffBoot VII only a week away, they may be later additions.

What I did manage to add were some wee greenskins. A metal snotling is at the front, looking very brave behind his tall grass screen (emulsion paintbrush bristles - I knew DIY would come in useful).

Papo Orc conversion
Safest place in the battlefield, in the shadow of a Giant.

And then there is the obligatory squashed goblin...

Papo Orc conversion
... or maybe not.

For added veracity (not that it shows), I traced around the shape of the giant's foot before adding depth around the edges with texture paint. I did all this before I even saw the goblin, so I'm quite lucky that he fits in there so snugly.

So that's the Giant done - a solid weekend of painting (or a Saturday afternoon, at least), and I might actually have something to put into the field.

Papo Orc conversion
You won't be grinning when you fail the 'Fall Over' roll for the third time.

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