Monday, 31 December 2018

Swinging the Lead: Year in Review

Blimey, that was a quick year. Yet so much happened! Was this really the same year that the Age of Sigmar Snakewomen released? And Adeptus Titanicus? And Kill Team? And... and... and... Too much!

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But how did I fare?

Well, without going into too much detail (and to spare Stylus's blushes), not too bad overall. 

Both Tempestus Militarum and Tyranids were finished, my two house armies. There's still stuff I'd happily add to the latter, given money (I never am), but the former is definitely done. Probably done. Unless anything happens. 

Commission-wise, I knocked out some Death Guard and Orks for Leofa, a few more Crypt Angels for Kas, and then my time was my own. And I used it! Almost nothing I bought this year went unpainted, and that includes a large haul of mdf buildings yet to be unveiled. 

Massive Darkness? Finished and sold. Reaper Bones pile? Finally acheived. A copy of Blackstone Fortress? Likewise, with one undercoated and started (that's all that's in the Leadpile just now, too). Necromunda? Done, with an extra gang. Am I being too smug yet? 

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Scale that leadpile!

Overall, the count lies at
  • Purchased: Necromunda, Two Blackstones, a Van Saar gang, tons of scenery, the rest of the 'nids... what's that, about 160? 170? In that region, depending on how I count the scenery.
  • Painted: 457

So that's still less than Stylus bought. 

What a year, though! GW is in overdrive and we've had some cracking matches. My hobby is in a very good place, where I've cleared the decks and am starting to wonder what I might want to buy next. Even my dream jungle has been achieved, and is nearly in a place where I can start showcasing it.

This was a week ago, more or less, and a lot has been done since then!

In an ideal world? Orks, for sure. A vehicle-heavy list, mechs and very few troops. Maybe if I paint Deep Madness and flog it (I do love the models, but the game itself is getting a mixed press, mostly because it's ridiculously difficult. As is only right for a Lovecraftian game, of course, but all the same!), I could get that started. But we'll see. 

Modest goals for me. 

  • Buy and complete a Necromunda gang collection (Delaque are on order for next year already, so Orlock and Cawdor to go), 
  • Finish Deep Madness if possible (some commissions incoming)
  • Win more games of 40K than I lose

That last one is the big one for me. I took an utter drubbing this year, and it's starting to smart! Look out, 2019, I'm coming for you...


  1. Bloody buy-and-paint hobbyists, it's immoral, I tell you.

    I reckon we're about 50/50 for games won and lost, so blame your other opponents for the rest of your win record.

    1. Oh, I do! It was really going out four-nil in the 'boot that stung, though.

  2. Very impressive! I've never really kept track like that, but seeing all these end of year posts, it's making me want to give it a go for next year.

    I was kind of amazed when I was looking over the ballot for Best Model of 2018 on Warhammer Community. Tons of stuff this year. I haven't managed to stay ahead of it myself, but next year is definitely going to need to involve some pruning back of my spending, so maybe I'll manage a bit of catch up then.

    1. What was your favourite model pick in the end? I went with the Delaque gang, but I was spoilt for choice.

    2. Lady Olynder for me, with Morathi a close second.

    3. I went with snake-mode Morathi, but it was a really tough call.