Friday, 10 June 2016

Lunchtime HeroQuest #1 - The Maze

I'm putting this one under the category of 'why didn't we think of this before?'

Read on, stranger...

The premise is simple: I have a webcam, a lunchtime and a HeroQuest board. Kraken has a webcam, a lunchtime and full recall of all the stats and rules from 25 years ago. Let's bash through the adventure book!

To add that WoffBoot mark of excellence, we filmed the adventure on Hangout, and naturally assumed silly voices for all the protagonists.

To simulate the heroes blindly stumbling through the dungeon, I forgot to place enough doors (hey, Morcar the Evil Wizard has a lot on his plate!).

Anyway, one mission down and it's still awesome (although wow - the mechanics haven't really changed much over the years, have they?)

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