Sunday, 12 June 2016

Back in the Saddle

 So I still collect Warriors of Chaos. Just in case anyone forgot.

Peering greedily into the shelves of my FLoGS. I discovered a box of Marauder Horsemen. One of the new AoS ones, a pack of ten, but still with the old label. Hurrah! A saving of about 33%, I reckon, paying 210 Euros instead of 360 (or whatever it's supposed to be these days).

So I snapped that up and got back to filling out the ranks of my long-neglected army. More marauders being the obvious missing feature in that horde.

Five axe wielders and five flails, giving me a full set of weapon options. They could be fielded as three small units or one larger one, depending on which game was being played.

The original five had a banner and champion but no musician, so I sorted that out. The horn in the marauder box is a nice one, a big stack of skulls, but I've already used it on my Chaos Knights. These guys have therefore stolen the Knights' horn instead, a preposterous demon-headed thing.

They're painted to match the original unit, with black and white shields and a predominance of browns and greys. The same Terracotta reins, particularly.

Square bases! Because it doesn't matter in AoS and I'm never going to rebase the original lot. So I've got some spare AoS ones if anyone wants them, as well as several sprues of spare Horsemen parts - weapons, heads and shields particularly.

Square cavalry bases are harder to come by these days. I had four left, including two resin ones with moulded slate slabs on. The rest were cobbled together by gluing 25mm bases together in a variety of ways. I did one with an upside-down bucket effect, so I could splash out on another water effect.

It's still a work in progress - the bastard stuff keeps shrinking down, or soaking up into the grass under capillary action. Probably needs another layer or two before it's done.

Although I already had a standard, I wanted a bit more adaptability in terms of marks. Luckily, I had some magnets and some Chaos Marine icons to hand.

Nurgle, with drippy hooks

Khorne, with skulls for the relevant throne

Tzeentch, with dangly magic windchimes

Ten more, for a total potential unit of fifteen. Dunno when I'm ever going to use them, mind, both AoS and good ol' 8th Ed are rather low on our play list at the moment. Shame, I'm jonesing for a good scrap. Heroquest is refreshingly simple, but there's something a little lacking in the detailed battle simulation department somewhere.

This reminds me, it's been a while since I did a full army shot for the chaos boys...


  1. Challenge accepted: Marauder Horsemen, Chaos Knights and Chariots vs Hobgoblin Wolf Riders, Savage Boar Boyz and Chariots.

    Warhammer: Fury Road!

    1. Wyvern Warboss and Disclord?

    2. Unless you've got a Juggernaut or Manticore rider in your to-do pile...

    3. Oh, with enough lead-time, I might actually paint those Spider Riders too.

    4. Disclords I can do, the cheery pair of old ones I've got. Perhaps one of them could cosplay as a Gaunt Summoner? You know, for topical Silver Tower tie-ins. One standard chariot, one gorebeast. I could muster horrors against your spiderriders.

    5. We could do this as part of the Summer Campaign, right?

  2. I have plenty of square cav bases if you need them in the future. And, unlike you, I *am* crazy enough to be planning on rebasing my entire warriors of chaos army onto rounds to be sufficiently aesthetically pleasing foes for my Stormcasts. So, I'll take the oval bases off your hands if they're still on offer!

    1. You're welcome to them! And there's still a faint chance I might get some more knights at some point, ten is a more viable unit than five, so a few more cav bases would be lovely. Do you want the marauder bits too?

    2. Hopefully I'll be able to wrench them off their square bases unharmed, but some spares may end up being helpful!... If you can email me a photo of the remaining sprues/bits, I'll bear them in mind. Thanks. Let me know what / how many you need of the bases and I'll see what I've got.