Saturday, 11 June 2016


These have been cluttering up my in-tray for months.

I started them round about the same time I started the Ungor units for Leofa's Beastmen. I thought I'd do a little bit every week alongside the beasts, so they'd be ready at the same time. Beastmen could use harpies, I vaguely recalled, so it felt like the right theme.

Thing was, they were really boring to paint. Just didn't fire me up at all, so they've been languishing slowly away for about four months. I suppose it didn't help that I decided to do half of them as stoney grey gargoyles.

The others are red and leathery, harpies or demons or something. The red really needs a final pass of highlighting, I think. Like most bright primary colours, it's hard to get it bright enough, although it is better in real life than in the photos. Yeah, it's the camera's fault, not mine.

I have ten of them from the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter. They're made from Mantic's special secret hard plastic stuff. Superglue only, tough and bendy. Choice of several heads, wings and poses, as well as two different pillars to sit on. So a lot of variation in the unit, and very dynamic.

Totally useless for ranking up in a unit, mind! Skirmish only, otherwise they tangle their wings and tails up. And they fall over a lot, they're very top heavy with the broad wings on a 20mm base. Er, and I don't really have an army that they're a natural fit with. Dark Elves could do harpies, I seem to recall. I suppose pretty much anything chaotic in AoS can take flappy demon women. Bound to be a place for them somewhere.

Frostgrave is the most likely to see them included, I think. The gargoyles can be used as scenery, if you don't mind a bit of blutack to keep them stable. One of the scenarios has animating statues in it, could be good for that!

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