Friday, 3 June 2016

Back from the Dead

Poor old Dungeon Saga. Not even a year old, and already hopelessly eclipsed by The Silver Tower in our hearts, minds and painting in-trays.

By way of attempting recompense, as the game and its models are basically good, here's one that's been lurking in my box for some time. Never quite finished, always overtaken by something else, a true king of the back foot.

This is one Ba'el, an undead demon. Not like Orcus, Demon King of the Undead - this is a demon that's been killed and brought back. Err, as I guess is patently obvious to anyone who looks at it for three seconds.

Not a bad idea, but it's definitely the low point of the game's sculpts in my opinion. I mean, it's a decent enough one, fair play to it, just that given it's a Big Bad in one of the campaigns and that the concept of a reanimated demon lord is pretty cool, it's a missed opportunity. The Undead Trolls have at least as much if not more character and presence, this guy is just lacking that certain something.

His skin, mostly. 

The main thing I'd have to give it kudos for is channelling the spirit of the Heroquest Gargoyle, probably the lamest boss model of all time. That, I have a special place in my heart for. For this, there's a non-descript place at the back of the cupboard.

Rotting green skin over drippy gore was my final pick. Originally, I'd wanted to do the whole thing red - flaming demon skin with deep crimson clotted underparts. It looked wrong, bland (blander) and without focus, so I slapped Deathworld Forest over the top and tried again. Yellow bone peeking out in places, glowing blue eyes to match the other undead I've done, as this one might end up with Kas's box set eventually depending on how the other one turns out. Yeah, I have another one. Can't wait.

I don't know, maybe I'm being unfair - it's not the worst stump-winged demi-bat I've ever seen. At least it means I've sucessfully broken through Total Warhammer and got back to painting!

Now back to my WoC campaign. Bye!


  1. I like the glowing eyes, you've done a good job redeeming it.

    That said: ugh, I can't believe this was the sculpt I voted for during the Kickstarter. I still reckon it would be a good model, if it was twice the size - boss demons, undead or otherwise, should not be dwarfed by trolls.

    It's the same problem as the other boss demon: Drech’nok the Itty Bitty Destroyer. I'm sure there was a Terry Pratchett gag about a Mesoamerican god who materialised before his acolytes with all his terrifying horns and teeth - forgetting the fact that he was only six inches tall.

  2. I voted for this sculpt in the kickstarter too, based on the artwork. Or, well, actually based on the fact that the other two options were much much worse (some sort of chimera thing and something that looked like a deformed giraffe). Terrible realisation.

    Drech'nok is a good model, at least, although he should absolutely be this size instead. It is clearly time to bring out the Traumaturge and teach some people some lessons.