Monday, 13 June 2016

The Fat Man Sings

Yeah, Herne's really let himself go since the 80s. 

This model turns up a lot on t'web. It's a cracker, to be fair, and a simple one to paint. And it's also one of the cheapest clampacks, a 'mere' tenner for the Nurgle Lord of Plagues. And over the last six months, I'd completed a full card of stamps from the loyalty scheme at my FLoGS. A tenner off my purchases? Why yes, I'd like to spend the same amount of money and get something extra, thanks very much. 

As well as the model, I picked up some modelling ivy. Nurgle is often tied up with growth and fecundity, so I figured he's letting himself lie fallow this year. The spiky shoulder horns make good supports for the ivy, which you just tear off the sheet and glue on with pva. Good looking stuff. 

The helmet is a Putrid Blightking piece. The horns are white with a lick of Nurgle's Rot on it, hoping to look like gnarly accretions of mucus. I was pretty sparing with the Technical paints otherwise, just a little bit of BftBG in some of his sores and some Nihilakh Oxide on the axe. 

And that's him done - quick and easy, and ready for the forthcoming updated Chaos army shot! Or maybe a trial game of Silver Tower, I believe there are rules for him out there on the app somewhere?


  1. A modern classic, very nice.

    Where does the modelling ivy come from?

  2. The army painter's Poison Ivy. Fiver a bag.

    1. Cheers. I was looking for something to give an overgrown look to some scenery, and had a horrid notion of gluing on one leaf at a time.