Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Time for Heroes

EXT: Herdstone Jr

There is no such thing as a completed army.

Every time I think I've cleared a commission off the books, or even sorted one of my own projects out, something else emerges from the leadpile. Be it a forgotten model, a broken bit I lost or an entirely new purchase someone fell for at the last minute, there's always just. one. more.

Beastmen are first up, then!


They really should be done now, there were just a couple of odds and sods left. The unit filler/objective marker up there is the first, a big plastic herdstone that I think comes from the Cygor model. To go with it, a pair of horny heroes.

A converted Bestigor with twin hand weapons, this chap has an icy axe to oppose the firey axe of the Bestigor unit champion. Similar paint scheme otherwise, although he's taller (big rock base) and redder, and his coat has a different pattern.

Show them your cross.
Leading the army from on high is the Beastlord.

Beat 'em up, Scotty

This one has an even taller stone to stand on, and he's taller than the others generally on account of being half chaos warrior.
Back to tartan for this hero, with a very cosy cloak of Orkhide Flesh/Wazdakka Red. 

And then it was a real blast from the past for me. A return to Dark Elves!

At last! I can use the purples again!

I must start writing up my painting guides again, because I'm very glad I could go back and see what palates I used for this army. I mean, I'd have been in the right ballpark (I've only got so many paints, and they're mostly the same pots as I had while I was painting this lot), but it's still easier to have a reference.

Only three models, sort of, although it's really two, a pair of mounts with magnetised riders.

Same horse, different day.

These two are both masters? Dreadlords? Whichever they want, depending on the list. One with a nice Corsair cloak, the other with a more streamlined helm and shield. Either way, if they get bored of sitting on a horse...

...they can sit on a chair!
Which in turn can sit on this dragon!

Now, in the army lists, it's supposed to be a Black Dragon. But I've already painted one of those, and I was still after completing my quintrilogy of Chromatic DnD Dragons. After a little discussion with General Kas, I went with a green beast. This fits with the army well enough, being similar tones to the Hydra, and ticks the boxes in my project too.

It's a big, spindly dragon with really bad teeth, the kind dentists frighten schoolchildren into wearing braces with. A proper British smiler.

'Ello, Mary Poppins

Painting Guide:

  • Scales - Orkhide Flesh base with Nuln Oil and Green Ink wash, then light brushes of Cabalite and Hellion Greens. 
  • Horns - Abaddon Black, brushes of Dawnstone and Longbeard, then a shade of Nuln Oil, topped with 'Ardcoat
  • Underbelly - Mournfang Brown (the spray undercoat for the whole model), Agrax Earthshade, Kislev flesh brush, then Eldar Flesh and Underhive Ash to finish
  • Wings - Averland Sunset with Reikland Flesh wash, Ungor Flesh layer and Hexos Palesun drybrush. Strips done with Wazdakka red layered with Evil Suns Scarlet and a touch of Wild Rider Red. 
  • Teeth - XV88 base, Agrax, Zandri Dust to Ushabti Bone to Tyrant Skull layering

Because it's tall and thin, it could be a right bugger to transport. It's a plastic kit, so the wings or tail could easily snap. Luckily, Kas has magnetised it, so the wings slip off. This means you can also field it as a giant leaping gecko mount.

Yeeeeeee Haw!

More Delves next week!

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