Thursday, 24 March 2016

Attack of the Clones II - This Time it's Dronesonal

Quiz time!

With your host, Ro-Bob Holness!

This week I've been doing the Tau equivalent of identical Ungors, their drone units. It's not an army I know a lot about, or it wasn't, anyway - I don't like painting things when I don't quite know what they are or what they're for. So after a bit of work with their Codex, here's a short identification test. See if you do better than I did!

Two points for each - one if you get roughly what it does, one for its official Tau classification. 

1. Nice easy one for starters.
2. Another common classic, apparently.
3. Yeah, you'll never guess what this one's carrying

4. And you'd probably see a lot of these too.
5. Bit more obscure
6. No idea

7. Rare like a half-cooked hamburger?

8. Clue - Rather larger than the others
 Scroll down for answers!

1. The MV1 Gun Drone, a staple for the Tau. Most squads or vehicles have some of these accompanying them, and many of the other types are upgrades of the same chassis.
2. MV7 Marker Drone. This one uses target tagging to help other units hit, giving 'Markerlight' tokens that can be spent to remove cover, increase your BS or other useful abilities.
3. An MV8 Missile Drone. The clue is in the name, here, it adds a bit of punch to a unit's shooting.
4. MV4 Shield Drones have a 4+ invulnerable saves to their unit. Put them at the front to soak up fire. (Unless it's an MV36 Guardian Drone, that gives a smaller save to the whole unit - I can't tell)
5. MV31 Pulse Accelerator Drone, which increases the range of Pulse weapons in the unit. These are pretty common in Tau units, obviously.
6. I don't know either. I think it's a MV33 Grav-Inhibitor Drone (slows down chargers), but it's not the standard look for one. It's an older, lead piece, so I'm guessing here too.
7. MV84 Shielded Missile Drones are the bastard offspring of drones 3 and 4. Luckily, very few Tau units can take them.
8. This big momma is a MB3 Recon Drone, a flying homing beacon with a big rotary cannon. Which can be flipped up into its hull so you can sit it in a tank in place of a turret, which is pretty cool. More of him once the tank is done, of course.


Out of 16? I got four. And using the Codex didn't even get me full marks, so kudos to anyone who did. Sort of kudos, you know, hurrah, you can identify tiny plastic buttons from a pretend future, go you. 

Not, sadly, a very inspiring set of models to paint. I would rate these as a 3/10 on the Kraken Paint Scale, where ten is painting giant Mierce resin pieces with limitless painting resources on a private island in the Bahamas, and one is painting ten more of these Tau Light Ochre buggers that I just found after I'd thought I'd finished. 

They're off to Button Moon. They'll blow up Mr Spoon.

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  1. Nice models. My favourite part was when they fixed Jessica Tandy's toaster.