Sunday, 3 April 2016

Just Gors

Beastmen army now half done, give or take.

Gors with two hand weapons this week. Nice models, brutal and lively, with a menace to them that their stats just never quite backed up since first edition, when they all had two wounds.

Lots of browns, here, going through pretty much every shade of tan I could come up with. Violent yellow for a spot colour.

And a return to complex celtic freehand for the banner. Blergh, this took two attempts to get it this crooked. Celtic knots are a right bastard to paint neatly.

Don't look closely at the knotwork. It'll unravel.
He likes to blow his own horn.

Lambrack One-Eye

Painting Guide: -

  • Brown. Even the yellow bits. 

Tau again next week!


  1. Knotty or not, that's some cracking freehand.

    1. Indeed. That banner is great! #loveyourwork

    2. I especially like the black- and grey-skinned individuals. Really mixes it up. Perfect.

    3. Beastmen are an equal opportunities employer.

      (Ironic, really, given that they're pretty close to neo-nazies in the fluff, given the way they set their society up based on the number of horns one has. I am half tempted to research a bit of white power biker gang symbology and deploy it on the next unit, if I didn't think that might be deeply suspect)