Friday, 4 March 2016

Attack of the Clones

When tackling a commission, I find it best to begin with the shit units.

No, I'm being unfair. After doing a twenty-one-clone salute to this forgotten model, the Beastman from MB Games forgotten shitpile classic Battle Masters, I feel a strange affection for the little bugger. His cheesy smile, his horribly blank shield, the thick ridged plastic seam that bisects him through the sagittal plane - it's all good.

Let's play Spot the Difference!
That's right, the one on the left is a Catholic, unlike his pagan brothers.

Speaking of forgotten classics, there was a level on that 80s computer wonder Granny's Garden (I think it was) where you had to paint a knight. You had three colours, and you had to paint him so that no two adjacent sections of the knight, for so he was divided in glorious 2D, were the same colour. Painting this unit gave me flashbacks. I was sure Granny was going to appear and molest me at any second, or whatever it was she did to you by way of penalty in that cruel and idiotic game.

Five Guys named Moo

Anyhoo, I did manage to get them all unique, although the Braveheart warpaint helped at the end. As a unit, they're not too hard on the eye, and I think this has been a very good testbed for what I can do with the other units in this forthcoming Beastman army.

Five Gor Mad in Dorset

For such it is! General Leofa's classic 8th Ed Beastmen, and if these models are (bluntly) stinkers, the rest of the rank and file are lovely models. As evinced by General Stylus's chaps from last year. Difficult army to use well in 8th, I hear, I never got a chance to try.

Five Nits at Freddy's

Twenty one is a slightly strange number for a unit. Three ranks of seven, I guess? Although there might be some characters who are going to hide in it later, I don't know. The bannerman gets his own picture, on account of being the most distinctive chap in the unit (as is often the case).

Here's the Painting Guide:

  • It's all browns and greys. 

Deep Pan

I shall be alternating this lot with another commissioned army, who will debut next week or thereabouts, as well as the sporadic blasts of my own kit. My New Year's Resolution, to paint everything I own, is already looking desperate and delusional. Hey ho, there's always next year.

Thin and Crispy


  1. Moo-velous!

    If you don't care about the meta (and I clearly don't), there's something very cool about fielding a braying war herd.

    One observation: shouldn't they be dripping in Blood for the Blood God paint?

    1. Well, these are just ungors (according to the army list) and so the best they can hope for is that some of the more meaty beastmen further up the foodchain will drip some blood on them after the feast.

    2. I see. The 'Ungry 'Ungry Ungors.

    3. My fault Stylus - I'm afraid I requested only the lightest touch of BftBG be used.

  2. Fantastic! You have worked wonders with even a shitty canvas there. And I love the individuality.