Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Lamb Named Sue

Conversion time!

Is it just me, or does he put you in mind of Mr T cosplaying as a Chaos Dwarf? "I pity the Bull Centaur" type thing.
This is that dragon kit from Mantic again, only this time it's got a lead head. Strange doing the same model so soon after the last version. 

It's not a great conversion, in some ways. I like the head, and the overall pose is better than the dragon (you can see the face). It's pretty clunky, though - you get the plastic dragon body and base but without the head, and a whacking great bit of lead instead. 

It's very top heavy, even given that the plastic they use is pretty robust and that the dragon body and wings are both big and swept back. He threatens to faceplant quite easily, not good given the back of the throne (a separate bit) snaps off in anything more than a light breeze. The saddle isn't a good fit, either, it took a lot of green stuff to cover the gaps.

Good rider! Took me a long time to decide on what I was doing with his cape, which in the end is red on one side and purple on the other. He looks appropriately batshit, anyway, and that's the main thing. I haven't glued him down yet, just in case I decide to convert a chaos sorceror up and claim the whole thing is a manticore for a WoC army. Not that those guys are seeing a lot of action these days! But you never know.

The paint job is actually inspired by Disney's Tinkerbell. I get to watch too much of it, thanks to my daughter's current proclivities, so the lammasu is vaguely based on the Neverbeast, from Tinkerbell's movie with the creature of the same name. 

Image result for gruff neverbeast
What's that, little guy? You're too cute to be a Lammasu?

Image result for neverbeast wings
How about now?

Yeah, I know, it's tenuous.

I stuck some glitter gems on it, decorating the beard rings with black ones and the saddle with green. Which made me feel really stupid about having tried to paint gems on to the saddle, because the paintjob totally pales in comparison to the real plastic article. Won't do that again.

Nice and imposing now he's done, though. Just one more Chaos Dwarf unit to do, and then this Chaos Allied detachment is done!


  1. Excellent addition to the Dawi Zharr contingent (surely they deserve their own page, rather than a footnote to the Chaos Warriors?) - although it's not quite the flying cow of my memories.

    After the Neverbeast reference, I feel compelled to paint my elven sprite as Tinkerbell.

    1. Their own army page is under construction - I'll have it up once the contingent is done!