Thursday, 17 March 2016

Donald Where's Yer Ungor

More beastmen, this time something a bit more pukka.

"Maybe make them look a bit celtic," the man said. Duly noted.

Painted Beastman Games Workshop
"They may take our army book, but they'll never take... our... er, our tiny party hats? 

I've never painted tartan before. Obvious reasons, really - who wants to risk all those tiny squares and lines, only to have something blobby and incomprehensible at the end of it? Plus highlighting it properly would take years.

In the end, though, after taking some internet lessons, it's not completely awful. Paint in a grid of thick lines over your base colour, then do lighter tones on the squares where those grid lines meet. And then thin stripes of whatever colours you want over those, and McBob's your uncle.

After doing all those freehand stripes, mind you, I felt a bit dazed, so I skimped on shield designs and tattoos for this unit. They're only Ungor, after all - basically just blokes with hairier than average legs and oddly-shaped skulls, in the fluff. They're a bit more satyrical here, but as you'll see when I get to the Gors, they're punier than they look like by themselves.

Ungor Champions are called Halfhorns. What a stupid name - this guy has four half horns, making him at least a Twohorn. 

Painting Guide:

  • Browns, Greys and Tans - Lots of them in different combinations
  • Flesh - Oh god, I did some of it in Tau Light Ochre. Works well as a highlight over their fleshy basecoat, actually, it's very nearly the same colour as Ungor Flesh (which I'm otherwise using)
  • Kilts - Citadel Tartan

Two bonus models this week, a Reaper and a Mantic. Just to keep my hand in, you understand.

And I'm keeping my hand in the till.

This, from the Dungeon Saga kickstarter, is Legendary Ally McSween, a halfling thief. 

And this is a Highland Heroine from the Bones II Kickstarter. Well, I wasn't going to do all those kilts and not keep something for myself. 
Her hunting tartan was supposed to be a little more intricate, but it was too much of a stretch, really. It's a bit murky, needs more highlighting to sharpen it up. I'm still happy, mind, it does the trick well enough. 

Especially on the back. 


  1. Awesome! Where did you find the tartan paint? I've been looking for that for years but everywhere I ask just looks at me funny. Crackin' work Kraken.

  2. Well done, Donald.

    Make Beastmen Great Again!