Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Only Blue

Been a while since I manged anything in my Chromatic Dragons project. Time to put that to rights!

This is the Tyrant of Halpi, a big old dragon sculpt from the Dungeon Saga expansion of the same name. It's a large plastic model, very solid and fairly hefty.

And now also blue! DnD Blues are desert-dwelling lightning breathers, so this chap has conductive metal teeth to help with that.

It's a good model, from certain angles. I'm not wild about the pose, personally - it's so hunched down that you can't see much of it other than scaly neck from tabletop height. The above shot, of it's face, requires you to pick the beast up and tilt him on his back.

Come on now, don't be ashamed. Just buy some deoderant like everyone else.
Painting Guide:

  • Blue Scale - Marine Dark Blue, Nuln Oil, Teclis Blue, Skink Blue Drybrush, Polished Blue Drybrush for a little shimmer, Etherium Blue lightly drybrushed on very raised areas
  • Underbelly - Blue Grey, Nightshade wash, Blue Grey drybrushed back over the top and Space Wolf Grey to finish. Might come back to it, though, I wanted it a bit lighter overall
  • Nails - Leadbelcher and Runefang
  • Wings - Rakarth Flesh, Reikland Flesh wash, Rakarth again, layers of Pallid Wychflesh
  • Back scales and horns - Zamesi Desert, Agrax Earthshade (you have to use it somewhere on every model, it's a law), highlighting drybrushes starting with Zamesi again and blending up through Ushabti Bone to White Scar and then a heavy drybrush of Abaddon Black on the horn tips
  • Eyes - Evil Suns Scarlet, Wild Rider Red, Abaddon Black pupil

If he looks a bit hunched from most angles, you have to admit there's a smashing view from the left. Especially if you put some poor sod next to it to show where it's swiping!


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