Sunday, 3 August 2014

Tau Infinity. And Beyond!

No more ochre for me. Only the fact that it's a reasonable replacement for my dear departed Snakebite Leather is preventing me from slinging the damn pot in the bin.

Apocalypse Tau

Tauberry Shortcake

Tau Many Broken Hearts in the World

The commission is complete with these four drones - one each of Markerlight, Missile, Gun and Shield. I can only tell them apart because the instruction sheet explained which bits are which. No idea otherwise.

Ho Ho Ho!
Who's got the Last Laugh?

This one looks kind of like a weird anime mechanical robot. From a certain angle. That, and I'm all out of Tau puns. 

Quite cool models, though. Somehow they remind me of the Imperial Viper Probe Droid, although looking at one again I'm not sure why.

Maybe if I painted it Ochre.

So that's the lot for the Tau. They'll be winging their way over to the stark and barren planet Milton-K, ready to start whatever campaign of integration the Greater Good dictates for it. That clears my painting desk for now, or at least for the two months before my long-awaited Reaper haul finally arrives...

We're not the droids you're looking for.

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  1. Good work on the whole force (though I couldn't tell a Tau battlesuit from a Sulaco cargo-loader). This demands an inaugural battle report!